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StarWars and Wh40K Ships 2

An expansion on my previous chart, that includes Stwar Wars Expanded Universe ships, most notably the Eclipse, and [link] s magnificent Eternal Crusader, as well as the Malleus Syndicate's ([link]) absolutly awesome civilian ships. There are ships below 1 km length in the Grimdark Future of Man! Who'd have thought.

Full view really, really encouraged on this one.
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What about Death Stars or the Pahalnx?
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Only Imperium vessels? Not various Xenos vessels?
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Id love to see that Chapter Fortress rip through the Eclipse like it was paper mache.
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I wouldn't see it like that, the eclipse was said to be durable enough to ram too
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Most of these don't even need to fire to destroy a planet's surface. They just need to crash into it. 
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A little bit of contrast here:

Remember how the Galactic Empire needed a moon-sized battle station to blow up a planet?

The Imperium of Man needs only a Retribution-class Battleship to conduct an Exterminatus.
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An Exterminatus usually only means scourging the planet, not blasting it to gravel. And the Death Star uses a crude hammer-blow technique as opposed to the cyclonic charges used by the Imperium when planetary demolition is required.

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It takes only one Star Destroyer for execution protocol "ΩΔ0 (omega-delta-nill)".
Meh. It takes a shitload of time for a single star destroyer to commit base delta zero.
Besides even escort sized ships (basically ISD equivalent) can commit exterminatus via torpedo/macro/lance bombardment provided that theres no fortification with high tier void shielding.
To put things into perspective a single macro volley from a cruiser is capable of cracking up an entire continent (a single volley of 6 macroshells and boom, eurasia is non existent)
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Well, the Planet Killer *is* twice as long as a battleship (going with BFG Armada), but eah. Well, it was a military base and for some  reason hollow, so whatever, Empire. Guess it was more for show.
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It was bigger, but it was superfluous. A single Retribution can carry enough two-stage cyclonic torpedoes to completely break up a planet. Abaddon's Planet Killer was more of a terror weapon than anything, as he most likely had battleships in his fleets that could do the same job, but with less flare.

Aside from that, there's actually no universally accepted size for 40k ships. Most sources I've seen put the dauntless at 4.5km, with cruisers and battleships much larger than shown here.
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Love these.  I thought Imperial Star Cruisers were big, lol!
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Perfekter work:)
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Maybe someone already asked, but is the Yamato/Argo from Starblazers here?
its wild to see them all together and with the sense of scale

I would think they would get smaller over time just like things in our world
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Sorry but i do not see the Sabotaoh Deastroyer.
Anyway this is awesome and if there was the Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer it would be more awesome!!!:)
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I don't see a TIE fighter or X-wing...opp, never mind, I found them.  had to adjust the resolution.
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I'm.....incredibly jelly.
Amen, I figured even if some wh40k ships could and were made to actually be 10-45 kilometers long, there was no prayer they could make enough or move them around very well to do all they vainly spint for under the delusion of holiness

I figured that wh40k was practically incapable of steam rolling Starwars the way some slide shows claimed... Even if they might cause even more trouble than the sith even
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Space combat in 40K is, to their credit, considered a verylow-speed, long distance affair. BFG explicitly states the mini is a marker of the ship, which proportionall would be bit a fraction of a millimeterlong, and each turn takes hours in in-game time. Still, those ships sure are cumbersome.
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Yeah they're slow as all hell but they make up for that by having insanely powerful weapons (albeit with shitty aim because grimdark 'n all) and being insanely hard to take down because all that extra space either has backup systems or towns from crewmembers lost in the vastness of the ship (I AM NOT JOKING)
They are not slow ships. I heard some folks say that void travel speed (out of warp) in combat situation for the average IOM warship is several percent of the speed of light.
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