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A Train of thought to savor
Following a train of thought is like going on a journey all it's own.  So many side routes and so many scenic routes all at least slightly correlating to the original thought.  The synapses fire and the images seek form in your mind.  Amusing thoughts of original origin and forgetful foreign paths are unlocked.  A train of thought, one of the best things in the world as you watch a  branching of ways the thought can be expanded upon.  The multitude is in the thought that original acorn.
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Gaming... A Solution?
The Video Game Industry is booming.  As the Unemployment rate rises the amount of free time a person has also increases.  What exactly does this mean?  the gaming industry can be seen progressing to more creative ends and create further jobs for those that have the free time.  From testers that can make sure the game is enjoyable to the advertisers that market the final product.  These jobs could fix the further issues that plague our country.  Studies have proven that players, or "gamers" have increased creativity levels as well as higher social skill development via online gaming.  While yes the basis of physical labor will always be necessity the way to make it safer is found in electronics.  This is all made possible by the explosive growth the video gaming industry is experiencing.  The path for most people is quite clear,  technology is the future total and complete.  It
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Digital Exception
The hand clenched at her throat and her cry of fright was choked.  The barbaric orc that held her stood at 7 feet tall with forest green skin, his eyes glowed a menacing red.
"Why do you fight lady?" grumbled the orc, "You are only gonna get hurt."
"What you want is wrong," She managed to breath.
"Ah but if you say no you die."
"We will see."
A voice from the shadows called out, "Drop her, my bow is poised at that thick skull of yours."
"Who is there?" the orc.
"I'm a ranger that is all you need know."
"I'll kill her if you don't show yourself."
"You're lucky she has pretty much studied only healing, if she were anything but a cleric you'd be dead."
"SHOW YOURSELF!" screamed the orc.
A light appeared in the grove, a spell, "As you wish, death trap activate."
The orc released the girl who fell to the ground, he groaned in frustration as he turned into stone.
A young man with curled raven hair, which was only interrupted by a purple steak of hair at the front, and pointed ears
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Mature content
World War I: In the Trenches :icondirkarchangel:Dirkarchangel 0 1
Lost Kin
I woke in a hospital, unaware of where I was or even who I was.  Three people hovered over me, one was a nurse.  Why was I here? I looked up at impassive face; she had dead green eyes and blonde hair that wrapped around her slender face.  She had rose red lips that were full, overall she was attractive, but those eyes…
"Oh so you are awake?" she finally noticed my eyes had opened, "Can you speak?"
"I- where am I?" I answered her question with my own.
She suddenly smiled a false sparkle coming to her eyes, fake warmth, "You were found in a ditch near here, in a slightly more forested area, don't you remember?"
"N-no," My lips quivered slightly as the vocal chords in my throat wavered to create speech.
"Well, you are fortunate to be alive, it gets dangerous out here at this time of day," Her smile was so obviously a mask to me.
I dared to pursue that thought, "Dangerous?"
Her lips hummed together as she made an indication of yes, "people have been disap
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United States Minor Outlying Islands
I have read every page of this aforementioned web comic and have found a favorite in it.  I find that The style of Artistry is intricately hand drawn, every page.  I love her characters, each one with more then a few surprises hidden away.  Ledj and Vigana and all the others make an interesting cast of supernatural stars.  The plot has been well structured and will hopefully continue to delight me with it's twists and turns.  Finding a comic to match well be quite a feat.

The Forgotten,
Dirk Archangel
Negasind drumul tau este in usor, lasand este adevarata misiune.

P.S. if you guys might be interested please have a look Wayward Fall
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