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Modern Cards [Updated 2014-09-19][New styles!]



Modern Cards is a simple theme for JRiver Media Center 18, 19 & 20 (will probably work with earlier releases, but I haven't tested with anything below 18), inspired in part by Google Now's Card UI, Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 8 (hence the name). It's still in development, and improvements and changes will be posted from time to time.

* 2014.09.19: Added "active" playerbar button colors (by request).
* 2014.09.18: Added DSP-direct button highlighting.
* 2014.08.28: Public release of the updated skin.
* 2014.08.28: Added a more pronounced search box for the Windows 8 version of the skin.
* 2014.08.27: Added 3 new editions of the skin: Windows 8, Ubuntu & OSX Yosemite. Thanks to "Awesome Donkey" for his help with testing and acquiring window buttons! Also tweaked the coloring of the original "Duo" version of the skin, and various bug-fixes.
* 2014.08.24: Started work on implementing different window decorations, and playerbar styles.
* 2014.05.07: Started work on customized action window icons.
* 2014.05.07: Flatter look for custom sidebar icons, a bit more in line with Windows 8 Modern UI (no *new* icons added yet).
* 2014.05.05: Fixed broken DSP-direct button.
* 2014.05.01: Added a new duo-toned version of the skin, with a dark player- and bottom bar. Also tweaked the scroll-bar handles in the original bright version.
* 2013.09.14: Fixed a couple of glaring bugs (such as a missing "repeat off" button, and a missing "dsp off" button).


Installation really is quite simple. Just extract the zip file, and copy the contents directly into your JRiver Media Center folder. By default this folder can be located in `C:\Program Files (x86)\J River`. The skin comes with custom icons that replaces several of the stock icons. If you don't want this part of the skin, skip copying the "Custom Art" folder.


This skin does not in any way support retina/hidpi display settings at this time. You can read my reasoning in this post on my blog. I may yet implement support for this in the future, but no promises...
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nice work thnx