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Modern Cards: Dark Edition [Update: 2016-01-26]



Modern Cards is a simple theme for JRiver Media Center 20 & 21, inspired in part by Google Now's Card UI, Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10 (hence the name). It's still in development, and improvements and changes will be posted from time to time.

Due to the OS detection and support for skin scaling, the skin only supports versions of JRiver Media Center 20 or above. If you try using it on earlier releases, there will be many missing images. I may at some point in time create a version that's backwards-compatible, but no promises. It's certainly possible to do, as the image files themselves are compatible but it'll take a lot of time and testing to make sure it actually works across all the operating systems JRMC supports. My recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version of JRMC, it's certainly well worth your money. It keeps improving year after year, new minor and major improvements are implemented regularly and the upgrade price is very reasonable.

* 2016.01.25: Fixed issue with window close/max/restore/min buttons when using skin scaling.
* 2015.09.20: Many more image assets for the scaling functionality added. Finally ready for a release, after several delays due to RL. There are still a few images that needs updating, but it's certainly usable by now. I've also changed the look of many of the buttons in the skin to better match up with Windows 10.
* 2015.08.20: New style for the play/pause/next/prev buttons, and the shuffle etc. buttons. I've also redone much of the graphics in the skin to support the scaling function (useful for those wuth HiDPI monitors). The scaling support isn't 100% complete yet, but should mostly be fine for daily use. Please do report problems related to this, as I have limited options for testing this myself. I've also fixed a variety of bugs, and skinned some previously unskinned elements.
* 2015.08.10: Skinned the inline search popup bar.
* 2015.08.10: The skin now offers different window close/max/min/restore buttons depending on what OS you're installing it on. In this release it detects Windows 8, Windows 10 and OSX Yosemite. Any other operating systems will get the Windows 10 buttons, at least for now. Ubuntu support will be coming in a future update. This feature means that you now need JRiver Media Center 20.0.118 or above to use the skin. If you're using earlier version of JRMC, do not install this skin.
* 2015.08.08: First public release of "Modern Cards: Dark Edition". Decided it was best to release this version separate from the old one due to all the changes.
* 2015.08.07: Second beta, with some more tweaks and changes released to beta testers.
* 2015.08.03: First beta of the "Modern Cards Dark" edition prepared for beta testers.


Installation really is quite simple. Just extract the zip file, and copy the contents directly into your JRiver Media Center folder. By default this folder can be located in `C:\Program Files (x86)\J River`. The skin comes with custom icons that replaces several of the stock icons. If you don't want this part of the skin, skip copying the "Custom Art" folder.

If you want the colored text I'm using for movie titles and such, in a thumbnail/poster view, set the thumbnail text as follows:
<font color="A58E50">[Name]
<font color="6693B5">[Date]

If you don't like the zebra striping in the playlist views, uncheck "show gridlines" in "Options->Tree & View".
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Thanks to you, JRiver not ugly anymore!