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Old Zuko

Thought it was only fitting I painted an old Zuko character portrait after doing Katara! Happy end of Season 3 people! :D :D

Zuko was my favourite character in the original series, I just wish we got to see him and his awesome dragon fight more! :V

This is the second piece of my series of realistic avatar character paintings, Asami next! 

Old man ref:…

made to look like:…  :P


Wow! My first 10,000+ views on a painting, thanks guys! Heart 
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look, I know he´s a firebender; but he´s so HOT it´s ridiculous!! 
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i love what you've done with the eyes his expression is so amazing ......... nice 
Nice job. This is the best dragon art, and some of the best human art i've seen on this site. and thats saying a lot.
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This is GORGEOUS!!!
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This must have taken ages to make, its very beautifull!!! nicely done!!!
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Amazing art!
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The coloring style you have here is insane, the lighting is just perfect and really brings out the dragon in the background.
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Damn, this is incredible. :clap:

I love the coloring style, and your realist take on Zuko. And the dragon behind him looks so badass!
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This is incredible! Keep ip the good work, the lighting and the heat in this especially :) 
That dragon's name is Druk.
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Absolutely loving it! It was so awesome seeing Zuko in LoK. Did you ever consider drawing either Ba Sing Se or Omashu btw?
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At last! An Avatar character with asian features. Most people draw them as caucasians, which is wrong.
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Was very glad to see him again in the show, he rocks that beard too! His Uncle would be proud!
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HE LIVES!!! I swear, I half expect to see him walking around someday with his dragon by his side. Incredible work!
That is cool as.
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The sun behind the dragon's head is fucking scary.  The two original firebenders portrayed as one.
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dear lord this pic is detailed O_O
you sir, you got my full respect
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