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Mommy's b-day is today...but we're celebrating it tomorrow due to really long meetings. I visited my High School one year after my graduation. There are security cameras now, but I guess that's to be expected after somebody sets a hallway on fire. They're small and obscure, so it's not really much of a change. My teachers are all just as wonderful as I remember them. It's surprising how good their advice can be even after I've left for college. It makes me wish that I could visit more often, just to see them and put things in perspective. Being absorbed completly into my college work-life isn't always a good thing. Just bought the Pan's La
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Summer Break!

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Finals are OVER, summer break is HERE! (For me at least hehe) It was quite an intense year in every sense of the word, and it didn't stop getting intense, not even towards the end. I spent out 255 big ones on shipping all of my stuff back home. I have no idea when it'll all get here... I also bought a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts - finally! Before I left school, I spent the rest of my Dine-Ex on a pizza party. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, yesterday was Mother's Day. Most of the women of our family (icluding the new baby Bree) came over for a brunch that started at 4:00. It was great seeing everyone after so many months. Bree cut her finger on
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I got a B- on a group project that we worked really hard on. It was on R. Crumb's work too. As much as I love reading and drawing comics, I don't think I'll ever try to teach them to anybody ever again. talking to the class was like talking to a load of dead fish. Fish would have been smellier, but more entertaining. We got some good responses out of a few people, but seriously, NEVER AGAIN. And then of course I read all of Anne Perry's 300+ page novel Seven Dials within two days for the very same class. I read an e-mail from the professor this morning that says that our syllabus is wrong, and we actually have something completely different
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Just wanted to say that I stumbled across your remark to that little test thing involving that Sasuke/Naruto picture and I really couldn't agree more. I did not comment at that place because.. well no reason to give them more fodder. But it was well thought out and I saw exactly what you are saying and approved wholeheartedly.

Yaoi (and shoujo-ai) fans like you make me proud!
hey, i really like the way you think/debate. :)

i can see that you've already recieved this comment many times, but i think it's still nice to hear it. =D

the more the merrier!
Hi, sorry if this sounds creepy or stalkerish in any way, but I've seen your comments on a few pieces of art here on DA, and I like the way you think and talk. Just thought I'd let you know ^_^

I absolutely love your gallery too, keep up the great work! 8D
Hmm, interesting debate tactics you have. And I like your art, so those two combined...I'm going to watch you.
your art is soo different its awsome
Just thought I'd drop by and say hi! Hope you're doing well! :3
i like how you debate. i saw the whole thing on 'this is not yaoi'. You can really think.
And yes you are right about the truth behind the internet, fansites and homoerotic art.