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Keeping up with Appearances

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 11, 2012, 4:44 AM
  • Listening to: A Break in the Clouds
  • Reading: Siddhartha
  • Watching: Thor
  • Playing: Dungeon Defenders
  • Eating: Watermelon
  • Drinking: Vanila Coke

Tung FlowerFu Dog Hustle

While I got through Hourly Comics Day fairly well, I tanked at Daily Draw February. As I suspected, I didn't have the tenacity for a month long challenge, and it's only 11 days in at this point! Admittedly I got sick on the first day and got sent home from work the day after.

While that was a disappointment I at least have been looking after myself better and have been eating more fruit and ... well maybe not that many vegies, but definitely more fruit. Summer is a good time for that.

Fruit Bowl
Here is a photo of my tasty snack.

Tung Flower Art News

Had a hard time sitting down to draw lately. While I have done a few doodles there's nothing I like enough to scan. Actually that's not true. I have been working on the bunny illustrations, slowly. I do like those but I don't want to post them until ruzkin has gotten them all.

In other art news I've bought some paint and hope to do something with those.

Hair is Alive
Here's a doodle I took a photo of.

Tung Flower On the Outside

electromancer and I went out today and hung out with Vamore, Kraden, carnival, patronise and Deezmo (haven't seen her in ages).
We went to a place called Reverse Art Truck, which is a shed filled with off cuts and general rubbish for craft use.

Tiny Flower Arrangements
There I found a pair of super cute, tiny vases.

After that we went to a near by shopping centre for food, and then to Alternate Worlds for comics. Carni, Kraden and Vamore had to go, so the rest of us headed back into the mall to spend even more money. We sat down for some refreshments and brain stormed ideas for art jams.

In summary I had a great day and look forward to more like that.

Tung Flower On the Inside

I think this section is actually irrelevant now I'm not doing that much on the net. Nothing note worthy anyway. Spent a bit of time the other night looking at an online clothing catalogue and book marking things I'll want to treat myself to someday.

This is pretty cute.

What do you guys spend your time online doing?

Tung Flower Commissions

While I haven't put much more thought into this, we can  start the prices off at $5AU for a chibi sketch.


Request Review

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 20, 2012, 4:13 AM
  • Listening to: Hoodoo Gurus
  • Reading: X-men: Second Coming
  • Watching: Toy Story: 3
  • Playing: Diablo 2
  • Eating: Roast Chicken
  • Drinking: Water

Tung FlowerFu Dog Hustle

Third week into the year and I seem to be keeping up with my 'post a thing a week' resolution. (My other resolution was 'don't buy a diary'. That one is still up in the air since now they are discounted.)

Request taking made for quite a beefy post count today. Some I am more satisfied with than others so I think I'll do a self review.

01. Mehp Request: Mehp by dire-musaera
Although first on the list, this was the last one I did. This was pretty fun because the prompt was about interaction so it turned into a sort of mini comic. It's been a long time since I drew my character Foi and I had to check out his SDL profile to remember how to draw him correctly.
I specifically made Ryuu tall and thinner than Foi as Ryuu is poor and lives on very meagre earnings with no guarantee of a roof over his head. Foi, on the other hand, is sponsored by Yuki Hime and lives in her compound.

02. YonYonYon Request: Yonda Moegi by dire-musaera
This one I kinda struggled with. Although he had a detailed ref sheet and wasn't a complicated character, I couldn't quite pin down how to capture his personality. In the end my rendition comes off incredibly bland. It was only a last minute suggestion from electromancer that prompted me to make his right hand pointing at something so he seemed more lively.

03. TheTenk Request: Tenkyougan by dire-musaera
I loved doing this one. It's pretty much a copy of what is on the ref sheet but from a different angle. She just looked so 'above it all'. She had so much personality and I really wanted to capture the feeling I got from her.

04. demjay Request: Demjay by dire-musaera
I thought this one would be hard as he's a pretty normal guy, so you have to play the expressions with a lot of subtlety. I was also unsure at first how to interpret the difference in art style. In the end it was a lot easier than I thought. I think it's a testament to Demjay's design and though his style can be thought of as cartoony, it also comes from a lot of real life observation. The character felt very real so translated easily into a slightly more realistic style.

05. 0riginal-shiinto Request: Original Shiinto by dire-musaera
Oh man, I was supposed to do 'bad ass' and instead did this! While I'm kicking myself for not drawing her doing something cool, I am still happy with how this came out. Her torso feels a bit short but I'm not certain if it's just me or her jacket.
When I came across the ref image on google I was actually at first drawn to the way her hair looked from that angle, it had a great amount of form to it. I just kept working my way down as I sketched. I liked how the jacket made her shoulders look really broad and how her thin muscular arm ended on a firm grip of her gun. I generally liked how tough she looked from this angle. Then HOLY CRAP DAT ASS! Last time I saw a butt that well defined, electromancer was playing Metal Gear Solid:4.

06. aznyueying Request: Aznyueying by dire-musaera
I think I am satisfied with how this looks but at the same time wonder if it's a bit too plain. I also wondered if it's cheating to have the hands in the pockets. Kinda like I'm avoiding drawing hands. However it's not really cheating when you think about it. Hands in pockets is a very natural pose and it's actually harder to draw than just hands hanging out.

07. TuxedoMoroboshi Request: Ronnie The Clown Prince by dire-musaera
I knew what I was going for with this one but I'm not sure I achieved it. The smile is crazy huge because she's supposed to be having fun... but is it too crazy-huge? I'm content with the foreshortening on this piece, I can see a few flaws but at least it doesn't just look like she has tiny feet and one giant hand.

08. LydiaKitten   Request: Lydiakitten by dire-musaera
This was pretty interesting as I was given a written description to work with. The description reminded me of a guy I work with, so my initial sketch was pretty much just a drawing of that guy. However I wanted to convey something about the character so I did another drawing of him with one of his dogs.

09. Tofubeast/SirThresher Request: Tofu and Inx by dire-musaera
Like revisiting old friends. SDL/Koden dominated a lot of my time back in the day and it was really fun to draw these guys again. I knew from the start that I couldn't help but be satisfied with this. I wasn't gonna let it drop until it was something I would like. This was really fun!

10. yunaayame   Request: Yuna Ayame by dire-musaera
I think I struggle most with adapting soft eyed moe style characters. I can never get them cute or gentle looking enough. This was no exception. I kept redrawing her face and in the end just had to move on to the rest of her body.
I don't think this was a successful interpretation.

Tung Flower Art News

I'm helping ruzkin whip up a kid's book for kindle. I'll be doing the illustrations. I hope to do a good job, I've been struggling with some of the scenes actually. I think I just need to hammer them out and get over my fear of not doing a good job. My other problem is it's sometimes hard to find time to sit down and draw. I alternate between working 6 days a week and 4 days a week. I had a day off today to get some stuff done but I'll be working the next 6 days before I get another day off. Some of those days off gotta go to house keeping too.

Tung Flower On the Outside

Went over to Elsternwick to hang out with some friends last Sunday. Spent a good portion of that time reading Vamore's X-men trades and ending up borrowing the third trade to read at home. They've done some pretty interesting things with the X-franchise in the last few years I'll say that much.

Capped the night off eating delicious food cooked by Vamore while watching Toy Story: 3.

Tung Flower On the Inside
I think my internet time has actually dropped off since I've resolved to draw more. Also exercising more.
I used to check loads of different web comics (mostly out of boredom) but now I mainly look at just five regularly with two of those five only updating once a week. Main reason is my standards have raised now that I'm time poor-er and some things are better read in large chunks.

Tung Flower Commissions

I should probably update this with details, but I still need to have a think about this. So while it's tentatively 'open' it's more of a 'maybe'.


Requests: Taken

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2012, 4:05 AM
  • Listening to: Bodyjar
  • Reading: Hark a Vagrant
  • Playing: Terraria
  • Eating: Diet :C
  • Drinking: Water

Tung FlowerFu Dog Hustle

[EDIT] Wow what a quick response. Sorry to those who missed out, but keep an eye out, I might try another of these before too long.

[EDIT 2] Updated with links to completed requests.

Okay, to beat my art lethargy I'll be taking some sketch requests. Feel free to give me a light challenge. Light. Or feel free to score a sketch of your character. Ten slots for now. Mehp goes first though.

01. Mehp
02. YonYonYon
03. TheTenk
04. demjay
05. 0riginal-shiinto
06. aznyueying
07. TuxedoMoroboshi
08. LydiaKitten
09. Tofubeast/SirThresher
10. yunaayame

Tung Flower Art News

Haven't settled on a challenge to undertake, yet. I'm still a bit wary of doing a 30 day challenge but haven't ruled it out.
I've seen a pokemon challenge, character challenge and palette challenge so far. I can always make my own up too.

In the meantime I've resolved to post at least one thing a week, even if it's just scraps. First two weeks have gone by smoothly with a comic each week. electromancer says I should be working on a narrative though. I already have done 'slice of life' with Totems.
Vellians should have a story. Which it does... but I'm not very good with details. I'm also wary of making it too dark whilst keeping it interesting. There is of course conflict but having given it thought I don't want to glorify violence in anyway.
Most stories aimed at young audiences get around this by making adult threats comical or blundering. While the young heroes are armed with superior abilities/intellect or just a lot of luck and spunk.

It's definitely something that needs a lot of consideration.

Tung Flower On the Outside

Went out to a noodle place with electromancer and TidalNight last friday. I think that was my first time eating authentic pulled noodles. You could even look into the kitchen and watch the chef make them. I was on a real noodle kick after wondering to myself whether people could make their own noodle bricks (ie. instant noodles). Wikied all about noodles and noodle companies and learned about the noodle making process and the origin of noodles.
I think my lunch was all the tastier after learning about it.

The day after that I went out bowling with the girls from work. I didn't do too badly considering I hadn't bowled since I was 13 as far as I can remember. What I remembered of bowling mostly involved the gutter.
After bowling we went to dinner. All in all a great night.

Boss reckons our next outing should be paint-ball shooting.

Strike Bowling

Tung Flower On the Inside

I'm not really spending my internet time on any particular site these days. I picked up on Tumblr. Though prefer Deviant Art for any kind of serious posting. Tumblr is good if you like gifs of cats with Robert Downey Jr's face pasted on them.

This is relevant to his interests

Tung Flower Commissions

I'll just leave this as open, as I'll never get any if I never mention them.

I'll update later with more details I think.


The rabbit is still here

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 4, 2012, 3:33 AM
  • Listening to: Area 7
  • Reading: Absent Minded Theatre
  • Playing: Dungeon Defenders
  • Eating: Freezer pops
  • Drinking: Tea

Tung FlowerFu Dog Hustle

Yes you heard correctly. It's still the year of the rabbit until Chinese New Year  which I believe is the 23rd of January.

Speaking of rabbits, I had an awesome Christmas and as part of my haul got a rabbit calendar to mark the new year!

The Christmas Eve just past was spent with friends: Vamore, Kraden, carnival, patronise, TidalNight, and of course my husband electromancer
The food was delicious, the company was delightful. We watched some Christmas specials and the Nightmare Before Christmas and of course exchanged gifts.

Because Spark and I are retail dogs we're usually pretty tired of Christmas by the time it rolls round and it often creeps up on us before disappearing and moving onto Easter in an anti-climatic fashion. But this year we were both very excited to celebrate and buy gifts for our friends.

So a huge shout out goes to those guys for getting us into the Christmas spirit this year. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Also thanks to Carni for getting me a deviantart subscription! Nothing motivates me to make a journal like CSS!

Tung Flower Art News

I don't think there's much of this unfortunately. Sometimes I sit down and try to produce something, anything! But I end up with a smudged page and a lot of eraser filings on my lap. I wouldn't call it 'art-block' as I have ideas. More like I get incredibility dissatisfied as I lay down a few lines.
My output is probably like 5%.

Perhaps I should undertake some kinda art challenge. Maybe not those 30 day things though.
I was thinking either art requests or some kinda theme challenge.
What do you guys think?
Is there anything you'd like to see me draw?

Tung Flower On the Outside

I'm enjoying work these days. Did I ever tell you guys my ass hole supervisor left and we got this awesome person who actually knows what they are doing and doesn't blame me when they get in trouble with the store manager! Everything is clean and tidy and there's no one who smells bad.

This isn't just bitchiness talking. My previous manager had terrible hygiene and smoked something that smelled like wee.

Anyway, things are pretty sweet now. The store was recently renovated so we got a lot of new equipment and a huge freezer (my favourite part).

Tung Flower On the Inside

How are you guys doing by the way? Hope you've all had a pleasant holiday period. I know a few people had a hard time recently with personal tragedies, and while there's never a good time for that sort of thing, I think it's even worse around Christmas when everyone is thinking about spending quality time with their families.

So my thoughts go out to all those people who lost loved ones or even just had scares.

In closing, Happy New Year to you all!

Tung Flower Commissions

I'll just leave this as open, as I'll never get any if I never mention them.

I'll update later with more details I think.


  • Listening to: Jebediah - Loaded Gun
  • Watching: Sparky play Mirror's Edge
  • Playing: Minecraft/Sims 3
  • Eating: Pie
  • Drinking: Water

Days like These

:bulletpink: I make resolutions to myself all the time about being more active, both posting wise and in real life. Instead I find myself getting into anti social moods where all I want to do is read comics or play minecraft. So for the last few months, maybe years even, I've pretty much been fairly boring.

Journal entries are few and far between for that reason, also when my Deviant Art subscription ends I don't like writing a new journal because then I don't have nifty CSS on my profile... which is a pretty silly thing to worry about when I'm hardly active to begin with.

News of Late

:bulletpink:My friends carnival, Vamore and Kraden have moved to my home town of Melbourne, bringing with them an awesome, artistic vibe. It's cool to see people working hard and achieving something. Inspiring.

:bulletpink: Sparky decided to start a game review blog. I've been telling him for a while now that he'd be good at it and it'd be a great creative outlet for him. So far he's only reviewed Front Mission Evolved (PS3) but I think it looks pretty good and reads well.
Find it at: I AM ERROR


:bulletpink: I sometimes open up commissions to see if any one is interested in what I have to offer, I usually play it safe and don't offer anything too fancy. However I'm usually pretty underwhelmed by the response. It might just be that I'm not worth buying stuff off, but maybe it's because I don't offer anything huge and exciting, like full colour work and fancy backgrounds and what not.
I'd like to try my hand at it again, but am kinda hesitant.
What should I do about it?

:bulletpink: Mirror's Edge is an annoying game. Watching Spark play and it's just so frustrating game play wise. I wont get into the specifics but I'm just watching and I'm getting irritated. Nice to look at, but annoying to play.


Interesting Driving Experience (Now with Pictures)

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 12:27 AM

We've all been cut off, over taken and what not on the roads before. Some people just make split second bad choices out of impatience, some are calculated assholes who will hopefully die in flames one day. Today's story is about the later.

I was turning onto the freeway where there's a long stretch for your car to get up to speed before merging into the traffic. Having checked that the way was all clear I began speeding up. As I approach the speed limit I notice a silver sedan in my rear view getting ridiculously close to my rear right side. The fucker was trying to over take me on the merging lane! We were less than 15 meters away from being on a roomy multi-lane freeway but he HAD to get ahead of me on a single merging lane...

Fig 1.1 Notice how I have all that space to myself? The red indicates that the approaching traffic had a red light, the guy didn't come from there.

I thought he would back off as there was no room for him and he was still behind me. I was wrong, he pushed forward in the half lane of merge space left, nearly forcing me into the scrub with my yaris full of beloved family members at 80kmph.

Fig 1.2 The guy sped from behind and then tried to over take with only half a lane to do so.

Fig 1.3 Fucker managed to do it.

He was a probationary driver too, little prick had been driving for less than 3 years. It's always the young guys that think they are invincible.

I should have let him hit me. The evidence would have been there; the damage would have been on the front of his car to show I was in front and he came from behind. No skid marks to suggest I braked suddenly. There's no way the Yaris could have attempted to over take anything with it's 1.4 litre engine. There goes his license and insurance premium; my car gets buffed out.

Fig 2.0 A Yaris. Not an '87 Hilux.

It's probably better that I didn't though, my mother may have died from stress.

Commissions (Slots open)

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 23, 2010, 5:32 AM
Hello, how are doing? I have no interesting news today.

I am open for sketch commissions.

Single character sketch: $10USD (Assume every extra character you ask for will be another $10)
They will look something like this: Full body pencil sketch, simple or no background.
D.C: Carnival by dire-musaera Commission: Seth by dire-musaera
:bulletpink:Slot 1: Klayde (Paid, Completed:…)
:bulletpink:Slot 2: Alamus (Paid, Completed:…)
:bulletpink:Slot 3: lawsae (Paid, Completed:…)
:bulletpink:Slot 4: -
:bulletpink:Slot 5: -

Custom 1¼ Inch inch button: $7USD (Not including postage)
# Vibrant colors covered with scratch- and UV-resistant Mylar
# Durable metal pin-back easy to pin anywhere
They will look something like this: Except, of course, they will be of your OC, portrait or design.

If you'd like multiples of the one design ever extra button is $2USD.
Cheapest Postage option is $2 for a single button (That's for US residents). There are more secure postage options available if you'd like.
:bulletpink:Slot 1: -
:bulletpink:Slot 2: -
:bulletpink:Slot 3: -
:bulletpink:Slot 4: -
:bulletpink:Slot 5: -

Custom Keyring: $8USD (Not including postage)
# Vibrant colors covered with scratch- and UV-resistant Mylar
# Tight-fitting clasp keeps your keys together
# 2.25" round - fits nicely in your pocket or purse
They will look something like this: Except, of course, they will be of your OC, portrait or design.

If you'd like multiples of the one design ever extra button is $3USD.
:bulletpink:Slot 1: -
:bulletpink:Slot 2: -
:bulletpink:Slot 3: -
:bulletpink:Slot 4: -
:bulletpink:Slot 5: -

Send me a note to let me know what you want.
I can only accept money through paypal so you'll either need a credit card or a paypal account.
For anyone ordering a button I'll need your address so I can find out what the cost of postage will be.
I don't draw porn or gore or anything you wouldn't show to your family.

Please do not comment about whether or not you have money. I appreciate that you'd buy something if you could, but you don't have to tell me. Thanks

:iconelectromancer:In other news electromancer is offering cheap commissions. $5 a pop. I'm sure he plans to buy a kitten with his money. You can't say 'no' to kittens. Unless you're a landlord.

Misleadingly interesting yet vague title

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 2, 2009, 11:35 PM
  • Listening to: Van Halen - Dreams
  • Watching: 20 to 1
G'day folks.

Son of a bitch journal sponsoring has ended... :c

So my boss had been away for a few weeks with a chipped ankle. I've pretty much been in charge at work. co-workers were really helpful and I reckon we did really well while she was gone. Better than when she's around easily.

Printed up more Totems comics

My friends from interstate are going to a con and asked for some for their table, so I printed off a batch at work.

After work on Wednesday Spark and I headed into the city to meet:
and a few others who were going to the con. We hung out and it was just some general fun.
Will be hanging out a bit more thoroughly Monday.

Also recently I've been playing with Zazzle.
I have a shop there if any one is interested. Not much there yet though.

Spark and I are thinking about opening up commissions.
Button and sketch commissions specifically.

I believe that's all for now.

Back in various shades of grey

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2009, 7:53 PM
  • Listening to: Living End-State of Emergency
  • Reading: Three Kingdoms
I was really not wanting to make a new journal since the journal I had when i had a sub was so pretty... any how I bit the bullet since it's high time I did a status update.

I got back from the states June 24th. Moved into a new apartment with electromancer that day.
Due to all the Mid year sales happening we furnished our home pretty quickly, got second hand furniture from my parents and one of my co-workers too.

I got promoted to second in charge at work, can't say I like all too much but it pays the bills.

We got married on the 24th of August. Our friends from Tassie and Canberra came to celebrate with us.
:iconcarnival::iconvamore::iconkraden::iconjeneara::iconruzkin: and Ruzkin's lady friend Nyssa.
Was so glad they could make it. They really made the day fun.

We got internet hooked up just last week. Before then we went to my mum's place every now and then to contact his family and check our emails. Updates probably wont be coming very often though.

Now we have internet though, we're helping with SDL again. Getting things running smoothly. It's good to be getting back into the swing of things.

P.S: Melbourne is really grey and so are it's people.

Almost there

Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2009, 6:31 PM

Tung FlowerFu Dog Hustle

Subscription is nearly done with, just as well since I'll be out of the country and scarce soon. I really don't know how to make good use of these things. I don't post enough. Anyhow onto real news.

Been kinda hectic lately. Things like SDL and Sakura Bowl asides, I'm going to Florida to see electromancer soon. By soon I mean in about 10 days. I'll be leaving here on the 19th of May, and arriving... one the 19th of May. It's a time zone thing, it'll be the 20th back home in Oz.

I got my plane tickets and hotel stay organised, and after a bit of trouble so are his for the return flight. Online booking errors was a massive pain.

I've also bought new luggage, and clothes. Needed some new clothes anyway as I haven't seriously bought new clothes is like 3 years. Also so assorted crap like a new wallet and toiletry stuff.

Been looking at rental properties. It's so competitive, houses I've found vanish before I even enquire about them. Filling out an application for one now actually. Fingers crossed.

Also going to buy a new car. Thank Christ I have such massive savings. I'm just sad it's dropping so quickly.
I've had a look around and decided on the Toyota Yaris.

<div align="center'>
I'll most likely be driving it in a week.

The other thing I've bought recently is a wedding dress.

<div align="center'>

Tung FlowerCalifornia, here we come

Me and spark will be in the L.A area between June 18th and 22nd. We're hanging out with Sketchfighter316, BlackHarpyGoddess  and more. If any of you are in the area come hang out with us! Would love to meet a few DA friends while I'm there. come have lunch or something.

Must remember to turn on the globe trotting option on my phone.

Visa granted

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 19, 2009, 4:37 AM

Tung FlowerCalifornia, here we come

I'm very excited because Sparky's visa has been approved which means I can see him again soon. I'll be travelling to Florida to meet the rest of his family and help him get himself sorted to move home with me.

We'll be stopping in LA for a few days ion the way home. so if any of you guys wanna come hang out and go to dinner or something, that would be awesome. we're gonna be meeting BlackHarpyGoddess, Sketchfighter316 and hopefully some others while we're there.

Need to go book that with the travel agent, but I plan on getting to Florida around the end of may, and heading home and passing through LA around June 20th.

Things I'll need to do soon:
* book my flights and  accommodation
* sign up to go to Disney world for free on my birthday XD
* look at rental places

Rental places is the hardest one. I'd like something arranged before I leave so it'll be ready for me and spark by the time we return home from America. Rent here's kinda expensive, like $250 a week minimum. I can just afford that though. anything up to $300 a week actually. Never rented before to be honest, so it's a little daunting. But I'm a lucky person. Things always work out for me. I'm sure this will too with a little effort and planning.

I may probably be able to keep up with some of my sdl duties while away... not many I expect. Too early to tell.

Tung FlowerOther News

Thanks to conmandamned I won a sub. Month long. So I resurrected some old CSS. I think it looks nice. c: Though the side bar could stand to be shorter... what I write looks paltry in comparison. But hey, now I can have thumbs in my journals again.

Mogul by electromancer

Oh right, and I can have journal modules like polls and forums and stuff. Neato. I'll try and put those to good use. SDL stuff probably, I'm geeky like that.

P.S: Sparky and I are getting married in July.:iconohohoplz:

Oh DA....

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2009, 12:37 AM
  • Listening to: The Living End - One said to the other
Tung FlowerContent
So predictable.



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Hello folks.

you may not of seen it but DarkeAngel has finished a finale, wrapping up the Lunaris Royal Guard's time on Steel Nation.

Check it out:…

While you're at it, I had forgotten to show off CloudSlide's wrap up, so take a look at it as well.… (you'll have to browse thru is gallery to see the other pages XD)

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:bulletpink:I'm now closing the Chinese New Year event. I'll be accepting late entries for the next few days so if you have something send it in now.

I'll be sending a list of all the profiles that receive a charm to Ronin soon. Check the roster in about a weeks time to make sure you got yours. If not note me and I'll pass it on.


:bulletpink:In other news I'm now a judge for MonochromeMarkets
You've got about another 2 weeks until auditions end if you're interested. Please join White Market.



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This is Con. :iconconmandamned:
And he needs our help. You see over at white market they're at risk of recession and need more entrepreneurs to keep their economy healthy.

He will be offering chibi sketches to those who join the white market in the upcoming oct MonochromeMarkets

I want to enter too.

see cons journal for more info.

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I've always wanted my profile page to be more symmetrical.

p.s: I am serious.
p.p.s: No Batman jokes.
p.p.p.s: Or Soul eater jokes.

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Hello again, folks.

The Ball was a beautiful night and we awake to a fresh new year full of hope and honourable combat.

Again, congratulations to the 16 Bash contestants and thank you to everyone who applied. I don't believe there was a single entry I didn't consider for the final roster.

Any how I'm gathering a list of everyone's OC profiles at the moment so we can update the roster with your Winter ball charms. Give me a week or so, then check and see if you've received your charm on the OC you used for your ball entry. if you don't see a charm there please note me with your Winter ball art piece and I'll fix that up ASAP.

If you missed out on the Ball don't worry. There's always Chinese New Year. *winks* Stay tuned.
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Hi all.
Winter Bash entries are due on the 30th good luck to you all.

Winter ball will also be wrapping up then, however if you're a bit late it doesn't matter too much. If you have an entry for either than I haven't added to the winter in sdl fave collection… please note me a link so we'll be able to distribute charms to everyone who entered. I'll be sending a list with all the people who entered Winter Ball to Ronin once it's over with.
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I present you the coming of age tale about a young villain and his 2 mentors.

the-russian-gestapo.deviantart… the-russian-gestapo.deviantart…
(Now would have been a good time for thumbs.)

Still not over for Steel Nation as The-Russian-Gestapo will be having an exhibition match with his friend Jazon19. Lokking forward to it guys!
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As you can see by the art of Dog and Lunaris guard I've posted, I haven't forgotten about SN just yet.

I'm still injured and my day job leaves me stressed tired and sore most days. But I will persevere. Pseudo has been inked and is waiting for colour. I don't know if it's irony or what but I don't have enough pinks and purples and greys to colour him. So I moved onto drawing B-bot. I have managed to complete an arm and a head. That thing is darned detailed so its taking me a long time. I need to take breaks often to rest my hand.

Any how, Degulus is half way thru his ending which can be found here:…, and The-Russian-Gestapo has something that will be posted after that's out. This is the kinda commitment were looking for in spectators. This is the kinda commitment I would like to acknowledge now as I present a 1 month DA subscription each to Degulus and The-Russian-Gestapo. Thank you for contributing to Steel Nation. You guys really shaped the tournament, and it wouldn't have been half the success it was without people as passionate as you. :heart:

Recap of prize list
:iconkitfox-crimson:- 1 year DA sub, artwork.
:icondra90nboi:- 6 month DA sub, artwork.
:iconmul:- 3 month DA sub, artwork.
:icondarkeangel:- 3 month DA sub, artwork.

Degulus- 1 month DA sub
The-Russian-Gestapo- 1 month DA sub

Strike-throughs are things that have been completed.
Subs are claimable at any time. Since you may wanna save em for later.