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Endzone Opponent: Washer 4

I got to the end of this and realised i didnt give washer woman much persoanlity, there was a bunch of other stuff i wasnt happy with, some of the flow didnt work too well, could have used a few more panels to convey that, but this was getting way too long.

also her mop dissapeared at some point....

note: a fire token only releases heat, it doesnt explode per se...
not that these were fire tokens anyway, no need to waste them after all.

tokens used so far:
earth: 1
featherweight: 1

washer woman belongs to ~aimee5
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Why does Mal look like Sasuke and Hinata had a baby? She has his eyes and Hinata's hair...
Mehp's avatar
lol I notcied that too. She definitely resembles Sasuke a little.
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i must say, tho i know little about this, your use of paneling and general comic sills make for a good self-contained read :'3
dire-musaera's avatar
thanks ^^

*pokes you* you ought to draw comics more too
carnival's avatar
heeeeeee~ one of ya 'Totems' comix managed to re-surface out of the tides of junk in mah room the other day, was reading it an' getting all wistful about making comix myself again aswell actually \|'D aaaaah you make it look so EASY X'3 hehe!
Speaking of which, i guess there isn't going to be a Totems3 for this Manifest? Or am i completely wrong?? ((coz if i am YAI FOR DIRE ARTZ X'D)) but i guess the 'Clans' idea fell through,.... or just being postponed? :'3
dire-musaera's avatar
clanz is still going (or should be), but without being able to contact tom, i cant do too much, my boy spark has come up with a story and has been developing it based on what little we had originally from tom, but he feels a bit weird about going on, since its toms idea first and he doesnt want to get too carried away incase tom imagines something entirely different.

i encouraged spark to think up a story just around his own totem "frost' and its good, but it might not fit with toms ideas.

ive got totems 3 done, and ill print up a batch for manifest .
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ahh! Sweet~! omg really,....~~~ and here i was thinking Turm was waiting on ya for sumthing! well i guess i'll tell him to send you an e-mail? or iz it too late for any form of contatc and developement,.. i mean, it iz rather close to time ^_^ lawl~
dire-musaera's avatar
if our ideas are differing too much we can always collab on something else. id feel bad getting spark to change some of his story ideas at this point, like it could be more like an experiment, each take the same characters and put our own twists on it, and we could put them together in a dual release thing or something.
carnival's avatar
awwh ^_^ no worry~! i shouldn't think Turm would get all cut about it ^^; yeah, just means you guys can work on sumthing else together later :'3 i'm purdy sure he just wanted to create stuff with ya ^_^ :orange:
dire-musaera's avatar
we'll have to talk more when i see you guys at manifest.

*is all excited*
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Pretty nice, science wins again! xD

Lovely drawings, seriously. Pretty easy to follow, too.
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I love what you did with Ww, and the way you added a sweetness to her face (yet still forceful), good solid characters with a sense of the body under the clothes. Plus you put detail in the hair, and I loved the water-bubble effects. Especially how the water spins from the bucket. There's something very much alive and thinking, within your characters faces, and that's what I like most about your work.

I would never have thought of the diamond-fact.

Congratulations, Wendy.
dire-musaera's avatar
thanks aimes! (albeit a bit late)

i was trying pretty hard to keep washer kinda like how you described her.
Painologist's avatar
Your comics have an edge in this competition mainly because of your use of subtle humour, logical thinking and fantastic ideas. Top marks for using your surroundings and enemy to work against them and for mild explanations too.
That kind of stuff is what brings a lot of manga to life such as 'Naruto' for it's interesting logic.

I applaude to that but also feel you're good with the dynamic scenes and smooth artwork. Your colours are much lighter than some of the other comics which makes this work stand out.

Thanks for an entertaining round :D
dire-musaera's avatar
wow,thank you!

possibly one of my most favourite comments ever.

im glad you're nticing all the subtle stuff. its so exrutiating trying to make a joke but at the same time trying not to force it. thank you so much. it means a lot
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I like how you kept track of her new spidey powers from her win. :D Good times.
dire-musaera's avatar
hah but of course! i didnt use it as much as i would have liked, but i couldnt have her not use them.
NightshadeTea's avatar
I'm a real obsessive compulsive crazy person when it comes to consistancy, so I just thought it was really cool. XD

You're welcome and congrats. Good luck (like you'll need it) in the next round.
PiXELATEDpanicakes's avatar
This was rather funny! great art by the way!
effenndee's avatar
Lovely ^^ It's very clear, well drawn and has wit! 5 stars from all directions! :D
dire-musaera's avatar
*has been starred*

thank you! that means a lot coming from you i must say!
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
Absolutely beautifully drawn, and very exciting! Can't wait to see you in the next round! Best of luck! :thumbsup:

P.S. I'm amazed at your level of background-drawing skill. May I ask if you took any special classes or anything to help with that?
dire-musaera's avatar
not really, i had some life drawing and that taught me to really look atwhat i wanted to draw and consider how i used my lines to get the right effect.

cliffs are the easiest backgrounds to draw as its all really the same.
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