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So. I haven't drawn enough sylvari yet. Obviously.

Edit: finally got around to shortening her face as well as a few other fixes. The biggest one being her arm. I wasn't sure if she had long sleeves or not originally, but I couldn't stand her glowing white arm against the darkest part of the tree. So I fixed that by giving her a sleeve.
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The lights are astonishing. And the scene. And everything. Damn girl.
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Thanks! It's all based off a game that'll be out...this year I hope.
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Ooo I love this. :D Nice work, I'm a big fan of Caithe. Looking forward to meeting her in game. hehe
DiraMurkeHeol's avatar
Thanks! Yea, me too!
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Wow! It's really great, I hope you will draw more sylvaris now!
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Thanks! lol They're almost all I've been drawing for months now. I doubt I could stop if I wanted.
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Her face is a little too… long. But otherwise this is great ! ^_^
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oooh, you're right. >.> I knew something was off, I just couldn't figure it out while I was drawing it. I was thinking it was too thin, but making it thicker wasn't working either. I may go back and fix that...

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No problem, glad I could help !
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I'm reading the book at the moment ^^ I like Caithe very much :D
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I haven't read any of the books yet, are they any good?
vLine-Designs's avatar
I read "Edge of destiny" and it is very interesting : )
DiraMurkeHeol's avatar
I'm always a little wary of books based on games, I've seen way too many badly written ones.
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I wouldn't rate them up with great normal books but for tie-in novels the Guild Wars 2 novels are very good.

(and nice work on the art)
DiraMurkeHeol's avatar
I just got them a couple days ago, so we'll see ^.^

They always have great art!
vLine-Designs's avatar
yup happens a lot :D and the movies too XD
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