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Torvosaurus tanneri

By dipstikk
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The better to tear the flesh off your back with, my dear! (That was going to be the title, but DeviantART only allows 30 characters in the titles.)

Ah, Torvosaurus tanneri. 40-something feet of flesh-rending, bloodthirsty, predatory love. With such a huge head, gaping mouth with serrated teeth, and big, powerful arms, he's the perfect killing machine. So yeah, say hello to Allosaurus' replacement, as the new antagonists of chapter one.

This particular model is for Leeto, the male. The female, Voracia, is scarless.

I finished the Camptosaur and this lug first, because Claudia's gonna need them for the first two pages. It's mainly about the chase between Mr. and Mrs. Torvosaur and Zinnea, but during the chase, Voracia (the female) side-swipes a Camptosaur out of her way with her head, who then falls over and proceeds to call her a dick as they proceed after Zinnea.

BTW: I know blue isn't a very threatening color, but the alternate color idea was red, which made me think too much of the Carnotaurs from Dinosaur. 'Sides, sometimes it helps to color them as if they were animals, instead of giving them a color scheme that makes them look like slabs of symbolism.
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Torvosaurus tanneri did not have spikes along its back. :| Shows how much you know.
A lot of people reconstruct and depict dinosaurs with some kind of spikey adournment along their neck, back, and tail. Just a few weeks ago, I was visiting an exhibition of dinosaur statues at the Mall of America, and their Allosaurus had a bunch of spikey studs along its back. It doesn't have to be bone. Why, iguanas have a row of dorsal spines that are made of flesh. These could be made of keratin, for all you know.

Plus, the skeleton of Torvosaurus tanneri isn't that well-defined. Most museum skeletons are speculatory and man-made, and that goes for those "complete" Torvosaur skeletons. We know only enough to form an idea of what the basic skeletal structure looked like from a few arm bones, hip bones, skull fragments, and bits of the spine, and certainly not enough to tell what kind of spikey adournments it may have had.

Go back to the sandbox, little girl, this is where the big boys play.
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Stop spamming me! Go spam someone else, you spammer!
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Oh, the shape of the head! It's so wonderful.
Haven't heard of torvosaurus before. :0 !
dipstikk's avatar
It's funny, neither did I until a few weeks ago.
raptor-cut's avatar
Wicked character concept! :thumbsup:
Crystal-Marine's avatar
Wow that's a really great looking dinosaur! =D The dinosaur I drew stinks next to yours.........
Dinomaniac's avatar
DAMN! that loooks gooooood!
yty2000's avatar
Cool colors and spikes on his body, I like it.
AlienGuardian's avatar
I like the yellow stripes! :D
dipstikk's avatar
Me too. Originally, he had these white patches with lime-colored boarders around them, and I called that pattern the "Keylime Pie Style." But it looked crappy, so I scrapped it.
MadMooningGnome's avatar
Hey this kicks ass. =D
Paleo-Orca's avatar
Torvosaurus! :D Very cool Theropod
Paleontologia's avatar
Dude, this guy is really kick ass! Absolute savage! A great character!
Congratulations! :=favlove:
Corysaur's avatar
Your right, they totally do look more gnarly.
Neminder's avatar
Nice colors you used. :D
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By replacement, do you mean that you're rewriting the Allosaurus part, or that the Torvosaurs take the place of the Allosaurs later on?
dipstikk's avatar
The script will be rewritten, and the allosaurs in the opening of version 1 of the comic will be replaced with Torvosaurus.
RockoTheTaco's avatar
Any particular reason for this decision?
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The Torvosaurs just looked cooler to me, and I could invision them right away. Plus, I still haven't finalized the Allosaur design. It'll give me more time to do that.
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