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The Verdant Pokemon|Leafeon x Trainer!Reader
....the entrance to a lush, green forest.
"You wanted to show me this forest?" You glanced down at Eevee. Its eyes were wide with joy and excitement as it nodded its head eagerly.
" wanna go into the forest?"
Once more Eevee nodded. You sighed, knowing that, from the look your companion was giving you, there was no way you could say no. Plus, forests were often full of Pokemon you haven't even heard of. Who knows what you might discover in this one!
You smiled. "Alrighty. Let's go explore~!"
With a yip of agreement, Eevee hopped on top of your head as you both entered the mysterious forest.
"This was a mistake...."
For several hours now you and Eevee found nothing interesting at all. No new Pokemon nor berries nor trainers at all. And on top of that......
You and Eevee were completely and utterly lost.
"Damn...the one time I don't bring a map..." You grumbled, sitting down on an old tree stump, before sighing in irritation.
Looking down,
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 91 6
The Intertwining Pokemon|Sylveon x Trainer!Reader
.....a pink TM disc?
"Ohh, nice job, Eevee," you praised, crouching down and rubbing Eevee's head. You then picked up the disc, wiping the dirt off of it, before examining it and realizing that it contained the move "Dazzling Gleam".
"Ah! This is a Fairy-type move!"
You glanced back at Eevee. "You wanna learn this move?"
The Evolution Pokemon nodded its head eagerly. Smiling, you stood up and said, "alrighty, let's not waste another moment!"
"Now use Dazzling Gleam!!"
With a nod, Eevee used its newly-learned Fairy-type move to blast the trainer's Pokemon with a powerful beam of light. It yelped in pain, being knocked back by the attack, before fainting.
"Crap!" The trainer growled, retreating his Pokemon. He scowled deeply at you. "I won't forget the day I've been beaten by a pathetic little Eevee." He spat out the word like venom, before he turned tail and left.
"Well....we sure showed him!" You grinned, sweatdropping a little. But when you looked down and s
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 138 16
The Bubble Jet Pokemon|Vaporeon x Trainer!Reader
.....a shallow, blue lake with a small wooden pier.
" pretty." You hummed, taking notice of how the lake's surface seemed to glitter with the sun's shining rays. The puffy, white clouds also reflected nicely off of the water, almost making it look like a complete mirror of the sky. "So this is all you wanted to show me, Eevee?"
"Vee." It frowned, shaking its head before pointing its paw towards the water.
"You want me to go closer to the shore?"
Eevee nodded affirmatively. Sighing, you pressed forward, walking towards the edge of the lake. That's when you looked down and saw a shimmering blue and purple stone right along the waterline. Your eyes widened in amazement.
Eevee didn't lead you to a lake, but to a Water Stone!
"Awh, nice!" You picked up the stone and examined it, confirming that it is, indeed, a true Water Stone. It was as blue as a pool of clear water.
Eevee rushed to your side as you sat down in the grass, still staring in awe at the Water Stone in your hand. S
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 112 22
Commission: species swap by QueenCold Commission: species swap :iconqueencold:QueenCold 316 28 -STH Sky Ride- by Biko97 -STH Sky Ride- :iconbiko97:Biko97 314 53 -STH Color palette- by Biko97 -STH Color palette- :iconbiko97:Biko97 597 64 Haku - Spirited Away by michellescribbles Haku - Spirited Away :iconmichellescribbles:michellescribbles 446 16 Gardevoir fusion Auction -Closed- by Mondlichtkatze Gardevoir fusion Auction -Closed- :iconmondlichtkatze:Mondlichtkatze 145 24 Tom Is A Force Of Evil: Chapter 1 Page 13 by midnightclubx Tom Is A Force Of Evil: Chapter 1 Page 13 :iconmidnightclubx:midnightclubx 112 35 Memories by Jess-the-vampire Memories :iconjess-the-vampire:Jess-the-vampire 52 21
If ScrewAttack's verdicts were reversed...
I decided to post this as an official submission so I could notify you guys when I update it for new battles.
Boba Fett vs Samus Aran: Fett wraps Samus up in his whip and blows her head to pieces with a point-blank blaster shot
Akuma vs Shang Tsung: Tsung absorbs enough of Akuma's soul to reduce him to a withered corpse
Rogue vs Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman splatter Rogue's head into mush with a punch
Haggar vs Zangief: The same, but Haggar gets up instead of Zangief
TMNT Royale [Raphael victory]: Raph snaps Leo's blades and jams both of his sai into Leo's neck
TMNT Royale [Donatello victory]: Donnatello bashes Leo's skull open with his bo staff
TMNT Royale [Michelangelo victory]: Mikey hits Leo in the neck with his nunchuks hard enough to break it
Leonardo vs Zitz: Zitz pins Leo to the ground and jams his drill into his head
Yoshi vs Riptor: Riptor tears Yoshi apart and eats the remains
Felicia vs Taokaka: Felicia claws Tao's throat out
Kratos vs Spawn: Kratos turns Spawn to stone and s
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 17 42
Autographed Spyro Reignited Trilogy by Chrismilesprower Autographed Spyro Reignited Trilogy :iconchrismilesprower:Chrismilesprower 7 17 Fantasy Team Meme by pikaCOOL360 Fantasy Team Meme :iconpikacool360:pikaCOOL360 116 38 Base 263 by winx-base Base 263 :iconwinx-base:winx-base 143 14 ~I Got Ya Buddy...!!~ by SupaSilver ~I Got Ya Buddy...!!~ :iconsupasilver:SupaSilver 146 23



Tangled Dragons AU - The Cave

The continuation of Varian meeting the Moon Dragoness. I did post a (sort of) reference picture for the Sun and Moon Dragons themselves, so feel free to look at that if you want. For now, onto the story!

After a long flight, during which, Varian continuously panicked at how high the dragoness was flying, she reached a cave that peaked above the clouds. The dragoness entered the cave, gracefully, but would not let Varian down yet. The kid demanded to be put down, but soon, he heard the sound of heavy footsteps approaching them. From within the cave, a bright yellow dragon appeared. The dragon had feathers along with his glowing golden scales.

When the golden dragon saw what the blue dragoness had, he was furious. he approached her and glared at the human hanging from between her teeth. He started growling. The dragoness put Varian on the ground and stepped over him, keeping the yellow dragon back. the two beasts, from what Varian was observing, seemed to be arguing with one another, growling and snapping their jaws. Varian though this would be a good time to run. he picked himself off the ground and quickly ran to the cave’s entrance, only to find a straight drop down.

As Varian froze from the fear of falling, the blue dragoness noticed he had wandered off and picked him up again. She walked up to the yellow dragon and paused, as though waiting for a response. As Varian stared at the dragon in pure terror, it looked down to him, then back to the blue dragoness. The yellow dragon huffed, then walked passed the dragoness. Varian looked at him in awe, seeing the golden dragon sit at the mouth of the cave, until the blue dragoness walked deeper into the cave. Soon, she reached a giant pile of leaves, and laid down, placing Varian in the crook of her elbow. Before Varian could react, however, she gently placed her neck over him, pinning him against her arm, making Varian 100% sure that he was not going anywhere anytime soon.

And that’s it for the second part! I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post another picture, but I would be more than happy to do so if you guys really like my Dragons of Corona Idea. Let me know what you think, and I will see you guys next time!
Virgil VS Deceit
I saw that the original version of this picture wasn't coming out as well as I wanted it to, I think it was because of the file type. But when i tried to repost a better version, something wouldn't let me, so I just decided to repost it and delete the original.

Anyway, Sanders Sides is my favorite series Thomas Sanders does. I think I made this back when Deceit was first introduces and Thomas' hair was still a bright pink. So I made a picture of Virgil, Thomas' Anxiety, facing against Deceit, as it's pretty clear the two have a history.

I do not own the original base, but I can not for the life of me find the original. I apologize, and I'll keep looking, but just know that a base was used, and I wish to give its original creator credit.
Tangled AU - Sun and Moon Dragons

Introducing the Sun and Moon dragons of my Tangled Dragons AU. I liked the idea of dragons flying without wings, and dragons with fur and/or feathers, and eventually I came up with the design for these two. You may have seen my previous picture of Varian and the Moon Dragon, so this is a full reference of both dragons (And Holy cow! Did it take a lot of work to do!!!)

The story behind them is that two dragons used to look over the lands of Corona. They had powers no one could explain. to heal, and to destroy. Night and Day. They were complete opposites, but they were monogamous (mates for life). They loved each other very much, and kept the world in balance.

Millennia passed, and the two were finally able to have eggs, which was incredibly rare, and they cared for them unconditionally. But one fateful day, an evil wizard known as Zhan Tiri (since he’s like the big villain in the Tangled Series) found their nest and demanded they gave him power. The dragons of course refused, but the evil wizard was not going to leave empty handed. When the dragons ignored him again, Zhan Tiri destroyed their dragon eggs out of anger, then vanished. The dragons were outraged, heartbroken, and no longer felt they could be anywhere around humans, so they flew far away from Corona, tears falling from their eyes, which created the Golden Flower and Moon Opal.

Ever since, the dragons have been in hiding in a cave on top of a mountain, which peaked above the clouds. The two haven’t shown themselves to any humans, and the years passed by like days.

So that was just a quick summary of the Sun and Moon Dragons of Corona. Let me know if you want to hear more about them. Actually, even if you don’t I’m still gonna do it. Lol ;P



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been around much, but I actually just started college! :graduate: Yay! So I've just got a few things to tell you guys;

First off, I'm gonna be clearing out my notifications so I won't have to weed through them, and that will include feedback. (Not notes though, I'm keeping those!) So if any of you guys were in a conversation with me, send me a new message.

Secondly, I won't be able to post a lot of pictures until I work out a good time for this, but I'll do my best to keep in touch. I will still work on pictures and stories, I'll just need time in order to post them. :P

I think that's everything I wanted to tell you, if anything else comes up, I'll do an update. Until then, wish me luck!


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United States
i'm creative, i see a lot of interests, like tmnt, mlp, mario, sonic, kirby, and so on...


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