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...and when I say commission, it means I'm gonna draw a very large version of it, maybe in color, then send the file to you if you want... I'm not sure if there's any other way commissions work... still new to this.

Gotta be something interesting... hopefully something I haven't done before.

You might like it, you might not. This is just to measure whether or not people actually wanna buy my shizzy nizzy.

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  • Watching: Adventure Time and Regular Show... as usual.
...but I don't wanna be known as one of those weird fanboys that write fanfic so they can strangely act out their fantasies of being part of fictitious universe... Though that's kinda happening anyway.

Threw out a lot of fan art lately. Recreating amazing characters was always one of my favorite past times, and now I'm doing it so much more.

My newest series creation is Kid Lantern, about a kid becoming the youngest Green Lantern of Earth... and being trained by Guy Gardner. I'd watch that series... yeah, I'd watch it.

Anyways, ya'll keep viewing 'em. I'll keep making 'em.

K, thnx, bye.
Summer's here and seeing how no classes are currently being taken... I'm on an art making SPREE.

I'm back to living in Orlando and juggling work and art. What else is new?


Back to arting it up all over the place!
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Been a few years since I posted a journal entry... probably the only reason I'm posting this is that I'm bored out of my mind in my Earth Science class... I'm just glad College allows students to leave class at almost any time they choose.

Subway is still my employment, and I still haven't gotten anywhere with my dreams of computer animation. It saddens me... but hey, I'm only 20, I have a few years to go.

...that's about it.

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Got a new Wacom Graphire last night. So far it's pretty sweet. Haven't gotten the hang of it yet, but still working on it. Believe this could really bring out my inking and such. Need to upload the programs that came with it. Probably do that tonight. Woot for that!
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It's like Peter Pan... w/o the tights. Got some T-shirt/logo ideas. Pretty good ones too. I'd like to sell them. Get a good business goin'. Hmm, I wish. But yeah, worked on a few more pieces. Post some more later. More sillhouette works. And also found some more inspirations. Well, time to go back to sleep ^_^.

  • Listening to: Creative Zen MP3 plizzaya!
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  • Watching: Scrubs... still ^_^
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  • Eating: A bunch of nothing
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea
Seriously... what kind of crap is this? I'm starting to understand the my relationships happen in stages. I.E. First gf was a hug, second was a kiss on teh cheek, third was a lil smoocheroo, fourth was tonsle hockey, fifth was some play in a movie theatre. AM I LEVELING UP OR SOMETHING??? I broke up with my last gf cause she was a bit of a floozy... meaning she's a tramp... but in very same day, got to know a new girl who I've had my eye on. Movies with her today maybe. If leveling up keeps going on like this... I'd love to see the final boss ^_^. I've got an idea of what's in store for me on level six and I think it'll be fun ^_^. Is it wrong to think like this? As if my life were some dating sim of sorts? No, with all the "coincidences" that occur in my life, it's just another way of looking at my life and not going insane with realizations. Take the humor in it and you'll never have to realize that something larger is going on. Sad, but it's how I get through the day.
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  • Reading: The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr Punch
  • Watching: Scrubs... still ^_^
  • Playing: Guitart Hero 2
  • Eating: A bunch of nothing
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea
Finished alot of the script. One or two chapters have been completed. It's going really good so far. I've also added two more character designs to DA, which are Jackill and Morbid. They will be two supporting characters in the story. I'm still working on another character design. He'll be one of those characters that appear throughout the story. I've also begun trials for a character named "Crazy-Eyed Bob", I don't know exactly how big a role he'll be playing though. That's all for now.
  • Watching: Scrubs
  • Eating: A bunch of nothing
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea
Starting the script for the flash movie "Death In A Green Jacket". I'll be placing a sketch of two of the characters in the movie on DA tomorrow probably.

Been brainstorming this project for a long time now. With the money that I've made, I'll be buying a new computer, maybe with a tablet.

Tablets are so fricken expensive, it makes my head hurt. But if I do finally get my tablet, it will help me very much with the flash movie.

Also, began inking my sketches. Three have already gone through the inking process. It's quite fun and looks very good afterwards.

Look forward to that in the near future.  
-This Journal brought to you by Dippyland Ind.
I'm gonna try to do more about real life scenes and such. It's too bad that I don't have a real good place to look at and draw. I'm gonna have to do things the hard way and make it all up. *sight* Oh well. Working with circle framed characters is starting to turn out pretty good. Back to work then!
Well the Irish Holiday has come and gone, this time without me getting slap happy drunk and falling asleep in a pile of my own vomit. I say, I did a good job for myself this year. Well, there's always next year to look forward to... the Jack Daniels isn't gonna drink itself, you know.
Been working on some flashes. I'm working on a new avatar. It revamps my first avatar that I had a bit. It's a gif ^_^ so look forward to that. I might be able to turn my hair turquouise/green this spring so that might be cool. LAMB CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!! ...except for you, that'll be $12.99 please, thank you and have a nice day ^_^.
I picked a new featured deviation because I've been working a bit on my three favorite characters from Dynasty Warriors. Expect new deviation on them soon and more to come.
I need to get to working on some new stuff. I feel so... bleh. I'm working on another pic of the matrix chibi style. Started drawing it in church youth group... I get my best ideas lol. It's a shame, isn't it? I should be paying attention to the preacher but I keep drawing on the back of a random piece of paper... I FEEL SO ASHAMED... but I did make a good pic of Jesus on the cross... I think I'll keep the pics I draw in church and put them on here... yea.
Yeppers, it's that time of the year again. I woke up again to my mom singing happy birthday and rolling me out of bed. They gave me the first present of the year which was Battlefield 2 for the xbox (which I have a deviation of if you would like to check it out ^_^… ) so enjoy that. Tomorrow I have a birthday party to attend with Eric and his family and I might update later on today. Peace peeps.
Yea, me and D are talking about making a flash when we go back to school (tuesday I think) so yea. Probably gonna be about E3 or Otakon... (bleh, the Otaku thing.) I haven't made a deviation in awhile cause nothing has really inspired me. It's new years eve and I got nothing. Maybe I'll throw something togethor real quick... maybe.
Yea... my birthdays isn't always in my favor seeing how it's about two weeks AFTER Christmas. Yep, January 7th. Gonna be 16. (Might get that Ipod I've had my eye on.) I finally got my electric guitar. (It's a beaut, green and white... luving it!) So now I can jam out with Kenny and Leon in the band. SWEET. I asked D what he got... he said he didn't open them yet... WTF IT WAS 12:00 IN THE AFTERNOON!!! OPEN THE F***ING PRESENTS MOFO! lol. Atleast he got a lambo... lucky. I'll still probably be driving him to school XD. Silly, D.
Ah, video games. The essence of life as we know it. I was talking to my friend the other day and he said he sold all of his video games and consoles. After screaming at him for well over twenty minutes, he told me that it was time for him to grow up. When I was done crying at the thought of all of those poor, defenseless games being sold back to the department store, I laughed at his statement. This outburst of laughter was due to the fact that video games don't stunt your growth or make you pursue any childish activities. On the contrary, video games send you into adulthood faster than any hormone pill could ever have an effect on your fragile state of mind. For example, when my innocent eyes first saw a man being shredded to peices by a dull blade and understanding that I'm the one who is controlling the blade via video game console controller, I must have aged more than a bottle of grape squeezed wine. Even more than that, when I saw a prostitute get beaten to death with a baseball bat as glowing money floated near by after performing her "service" if you will, I could have sworn my voice started to change then and there. So please, do some research and get the facts before you harm another video game and/or it's playing equipment. An innocent game console may be saved if you open your eyes and shut off your ignorant minds just this once. Merry Christmas to all the video gamers out there. An imaginary gamecube controller in all of your stockings from Dippy Dude. Good night.
Scary things happen when your'e alone. You start hearing strange noises, start seeing things, and you can't feel parts of your body. Then you realise that the hammer that you thought you were imagining is real, the strange sounds were actually you slamming the hammer down, and you can't feel parts of your body because what you are smacking with the hammer is actually your toes. So then it's just another normal day in the neighborhood. And as you hear the splooching sound of your toes being pounded into jelly, you think to yourself "all of this blood could stain my new shirt." So you walk into the kitchen and begin rinsing water onto the red stains of the clean, white T. But then you notice one of your kitchen appliances. It stands out above the others, with it's silver and black outer layer, it peers up at you, fearless, anxious, and a wee bit erotic. You remember your dream last night of running through candycane littered fields and lolipop rain drops... until the coffee maker comes out of no where and starts opening it's lid, and pouring out it's black, no cream or sugar, innards onto you. And then you wake up in the kitchen sink with one hand on the faucet and the other on the half-empty bottle of Dawn dish detergent. And then you start to cry like a little girl, not out of fear, but out of testosterone. The best things happen when your'e by yourself, so go lock yourself into your bathroom for about 3 days. It'll do the greatest things to your opinion on life. ^_^