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Dipo O.
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
Hello everyone. I am DipoTheTem.
I am a walfaser that can make decent animations and comics.

IRL Stuff
Birth Date: 6/8/(The year is irrelevant)
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: African-American
Skin Tone: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Favorite Color: Orange
Personality: Smart, Easily Pissed Off, Bored
Hobbies: Video Games, Animation
Likes: Temmies, Undertale (the GAME), Touhou, Food, Most Video Games
Dislikes: Annoying People, People who want to be in a relationship with her, Artist's Block

OCs and DNA:
It's time for the Walfas Christmas event! I'm not doing any long skits, just three short original skits. They still require voice actors. So without further ado:
Short 1 (Closed until further notice):
  • Major Roles:
    • Parsee: :iconjavi-lso:
    • Yuugi: :iconaardvark1998:
  • Minor Roles:
    • None
Short 2:
  • Major Roles:
    • Marisa :iconkawaiiwolfophi:
    • Cirno: :iconfivepines:
  • Minor Roles:
    • Reimu: :iconaardvark1998:
    • Sanae: :iconaardvark1998:
Short 3:
  • Major Roles:
    • Miko :icongervin51:
    • Tojiko
    • Komachi :icongii828:
  • Minor Roles
    • Kotohime
That's all. To whoever wants to participate, thank you.


hey guys
back to my regular schedule
new keyboard
hey guys
not gonna be making walfas as much
dead keyboard
Hey so just a casual reminder that if you have an idea for a Christmas skit and you need someone to animate it, I'm available!
Merry Christmas guys!

Today I ate so much I got sick and stiffened my legs, but I'm otherwise fine.
hey so my 200 comic anniversary is coming up, but I have no ideas for it

so i'm gonna ask you guys:

what should I go for my 200th comic anniversary (keep in mind im also over 50 watchers as well)
hey it's that day everyone on tumblr was so afraid about.

hey guys, there's an official live-action detective pikachu movie, there's a trailer, here you go
Smash Direct Spoiler Alert Ahead

So Incineroar is the 69th character in Smash. On one hand, nice. On the other hand 69. It's a double-edged sword.

I present to you, Touhou Memes, The Musical.
Proper credits in the description of this video.
Also there are some other memes in there.
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna say this again, for the millionth time, that if anyone is willing to voice Aya, can you please tell me. She has 4 lines in the entire sketch. If you can and want to voice Aya, please tell me in the comment section of this journal below (or this status, whatever floats your boat.) Thank you.
So Halloween and something...So of you haven't heard Walfas Spooktacular 2018 is here and I'm being productive.
So I already have a script ready and now two things need to be done.
Animate it. (Which'll be done by me)Voice Act it (Which anyone BUT me can do, because you have decent voices.)
So here's the long list of people who you can voice act.
Sketch 1: Full
Essential RolesRemilia :iconDipoTheTem:Patchouli: :iconJavi-lso:Non-Essential RolesSakuya :iconmiik00:Meiling: :iconAardvark1998:Sketch 2: Full
Essential RolesCirno: :iconDipoTheTem:Yukari: :iconAardvark1998:Non-Essential RolesDaiyousei :iconmikoMahou:Rumia :iconmikoMahou:Wriggle: :iconilluminatitriforce:Mystia :iconmikoMahou:Sketch 3: Full
Essential RolesMarisa :iconDipoTheTem:Alice :iconAardvark1998:Nitori :iconAardvark1998:Mima: :iconilluminatitriforce:Non-Essential RolesNone as far as I can tell.Sketch 4:
Essential RolesAya :iconORT451:Kogasa :iconFivepines:Rinnosuke :iconnenadg:Yukari: :iconAardvark1998:Youmu :iconJavi-lso:Patchouli: :iconJavi-lso:Remi

And Javi and Aardvark, as I said before, I don't want you guys to voice Aya, since you've already done so much great work for me, and I don't want you to do any more.
If I can't find anyone decent enough, I'll probably just voice her myself.

I apologize for making you question everything, but I think this unironically sounds good. Probably because the actual song is good.
Why is Sydney deactivating her account? She won the battle! Heck, Pops even dropped his leader role of the WGH just so he doesn't get in major trouble! And yet she still deactivates? She's dealt with this before, and that was with that TPCK guy, who was much more difficult to defeat! It's like the EeveeHeart151 incident again!

Now for the motivational stuff: Sydney, please don't leave us! You've supported the Touhou and Walfas community a whole frick-ton! With art, props, music, WHAT NOT! You just have to stay strong! We believe in you!
Repost if you believe in Hazama-Yuutou.
I'm planning on making my own walfas sketch when I get back home. I know I shouldn't be asking for help on this, but since I don't specialize on pop culture, a few ideas would be nice. Just note them to me though.
My USB drive died, so no more walfas till I get home. Also, I have to redownload everything, so... that sucks
There is a chance of me being able to do walfas in Nigeria. However, since the computer I'm doing it on is not identical to my computer AND it has a faulty battery... Wish me good luck.


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