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Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse

By Dipi11
This was my hardest vector to make, ever.

Taken from the beginning of Hearts and Hooves Day.

And I have no idea what's with the purple tree trunk, But if you go to the actual episode it's in there.

Feel free to use this where ever needed, just give me credit.
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Wow, the clubhouse is RIGHT next to the school? Damn.
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did you make this in Illustrator?
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Used and Credited:
Moondancer and Twinkleshine sees CMC's Clubhouse by Jaredking179
Kleiner-Jay's avatar
crusaders' crib!
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
What's that white line next to the ramp?
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Used here: Link
matty4z's avatar
wow epic work ^_^
lightningtumble's avatar
Used: [link] thanks for the awesome vector!
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You're welcome! ^^
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[link] Used this for part 2 of one of my comics, amazingly helpful, thanks for making this.
Dipi11's avatar
yw! :D

Nice comic btw
Photonicsoup's avatar
Used it again briefly in part 3 [link] Thanks again!
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Awesome, this vector will be invaluable in my work to brink Ponyville into the three dimentional world, ill post you a link when I have a model of the clubhosue ready :D
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Heres a screenshot of the firt bit, ill upload the entire model pack as wells as a vmf to show how it fits together later.
thorsummoner's avatar
Derp, I shouldreally learn to link before posting. [link]
boem777's avatar
All this detail.. No wonder it taked that much time :D Nice job!
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