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Chat + Forum Newsletter: March, April

The chat ( and forum ( have been busy for both the Community Volunteer team and the deviantART community these past few months! If you are interested in either the chat or forum, then this newsletter is for you! chat ( News :star: Chat Event Calendar We have somewhat slowed down our chat events so, as a result, we'd like to ask you what chat events you'd like to see! Would you like more critique chat events? Fun and games chat events? What kind of fun and games? Trivia? Rock, Paper, Scissors? Let us know your thoughts on what kind of chat events you'd like to participate in! dAmn Chat Userscript Problems photofroggy ( recentl

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benjamin betts brushes: geometrical psychology

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Chain Chomp fan art!

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Space and Sci-Fi DD Round Up, July 2015

`cinyu ( Features by cinyu ( :bigthumb492105895: :bigthumb435331225: :bigthumb499059559: :bigthumb544529005: :bigthumb543849456: :bigthumb536797796: :bigthumb547645417: :bigthumb497078097: :bigthumb536799799: :bigthumb458128954: :iconAeirmid: Features by Aeirmid ( :bigthumb543666373: :icondiphylla: Features by breeanns ( :bigthumb545071774: :bigthumb530600968: FAQ #61: - What is a Daily Deviation? FAQ #873: - What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature? FAQ #18: - Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? FAQ #313: - How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation? Want to suggest a Space and Sci-Fi Daily Deviation? cinyu ( - Daily Deviation Suggestion guidelines Previous DD Roundups October, 2014 | November, 2014 | December, 2014 | January, 2015 | February 2015 | March 2015 | April 2015 | May


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The Night Chicago Died


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:Pug Pug Pug:


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Red Moon

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Site B: Raptor tribal conflict

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Sparkling Souls

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Azmodan, Lord of Sin

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The Birth of Type

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Free Avatar: La Birthday Cake

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PE:How To Achieve Smooth and Clean Lines

Digital Art Hello everyone, Since it's something many people struggle with while working digitally, today I will be discussing how you can achieve smooth and clean lines using digital mediums. SAI Stabilizer Tool Paint Tool SAI offers my favorite method of creating smooth lines with its easy to use Stabilizer tool that works with absolute ease and no need for complicated setting adjustments. It doesn't matter how shaky your hands might be, the stabilizer tool will still be capable of creating beautifully smooth lines for you. As you can see, the stabilizer tool is easily accessed, and you can quickly and easily adjust the level of stabiliz


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Fractal Art Week: Intro and Schedule

Fractal Art Week Hello! Welcome to the Fractal Art week at projecteducate (! :la: My name is C-91 ( and I take care of the Fractal Art gallery as Community Volunteer. What is a fractal? A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale.Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fractals are an intrinsic aspect of Nature, and can be found in a multitude of elements, such as plants... minerals... ...or fossils, just to name a few examples. :) The beauty of Fractal Art lies not only in its close relationship with the laws of Nature, but also in its diversity: there are a lot

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