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Pacific Rim - Jet Jaguar

By Diovega
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Jeager~ish Jet Jaguar... :D

Can't wait for pacific Rim 2~
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I think you mean Jet Jeager

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I love this it is amazing I remember this guy when he and godzilla teamed up against megalon and gigan. Dude you freakened nailed it on this one it is an unbelievable modern take on the character. Such a good drawing!!!!!
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I keep hearing that there’s going to be a Godzilla and Pacific Rim crossover and this better Happen!
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First Generation Jaeger!! I've always wanted to see Jet Jaguar go up against Mechagodzilla!! Kind of  Jaeger vs. Jaeger!!!
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Dude, Looking cool man!!! [EXO] Chanyeol Emoticon  Awesome Job With the Jet Jaguar Artwork! I'm such an big fan of Jet Jaguar!... :D
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That is the shit
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Excellent; one of my favorite Toho Kaiju's, and it looks like he's kicking PR Kaiju Ass!
Amazing!!!..this is a nice job!!!.....congratulations to the artist!!Clap Clap 
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If they ever bring in Jet Jaguar, this is what he should look like
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MY GOD... That is AWESOME.
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Looks like he's gonna fuck some shit up!
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Before there was Pacific Rim, there was Jet Jaguar.  (Pacific Rim 2? Seriously?)
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Jet jaguar is ready to kick some ass
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Even his name have a similar tone with those Jaegers long before they even exist..
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WOW, that is fucking awesome
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