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The design come from the movie verse and G1 self of him..

I hate it when he died in the movie. If Sentinel is such a noble warrior, why's he shooting him from behind!?
Fuckin Cheap-shot Sentinel Prime...

It's not finished yet, cuz I'm to lazy to continue~ XD

Maybe someday.... :D

So.... yeah, Ironhide belongs to Hasbro~
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I really, REALLY like this look for Ironhide.

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This is what Ironhide should've looked like to begin with rake notes Bay
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This sort of reminds me of the concept art for tf prime Ironhide
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:iconsentinelawesomeplz::iconsaysplz: U MAD?
I knew there would be a spoiler with Sentinel but I didn't expect him to shoot Ironhide!! :noes:

if you want to see sentinel getting pwned in revenge have a look in my gallery
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He looks so cool. Good job.B-)
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Hmmm..., he seems a bit young instead of an old grump. But who am I to judge 10/10 wud r8 again
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Now that's more like it!
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Now this is what Bay should've done instead of making a random transformer and slapping on the name Ironhide.
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Too be fair he did seem pretty awesome.
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Yeah, but the least Bay could've done was make him red.
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Not everyone has to stay the same color.
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They would if they want the character to be more recognizable to their original appearance.

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Well, sometimes they want to see them in a different color.
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What if somebody sees movie ironhide and g1 ironhide (or any other character from movie to g1.) And say "this guy from the movie is supposed to be based on the same character from the show?"? Then that's a bad thing cuz he has the LEAST resemblance of the original character, despite only having the NAME of the character. I didn't even know that ironhide was originally red autobot, or that ratchet was originally a white autobot, ya wanna know why? Cuz it literally looks NOTHING like they're original counterparts.

The only ones that actually do have they're original colors are bumblebee and optimus and Megatron, and that's it.

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You just don’t understand change.
Look at Armada Starscream, and compare him to G1 Starscream.
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Ironhide My Favorite
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Ugh. Just seeing this reminds how fugly his face looked along with the other Cybertronians in the films. Nice work by the way!
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Amazing work! I hated that part too, plus the movie had way too many plotholes. ^^;
He looks so much better in his classic red. :D
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This version looks so much better than what they used for Bayverse Ironhide :)
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The movie Transformers should look like this instead of they change the color and mold MCE sad :(  :'( cry 
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Ironhide: I approve of this
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