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Attack of the heart
The curtain opens revealing an studio apartment. A man and a woman sit on opposite couches facing each other. They simply sit in silence for a minute looking around and pondering what they've just dealt with.
Gracie: Wow, can you believe it?
Brian: No, it happened so suddenly. Ya know, everyone in the family used to joke around and say that mom, the health nut, would be the one to have a heart attack. Who would have thought it would actually happen that way.
Gracie: I don't know. I still cant believe it, shes not even 60 yet. When did the doctor say that he'd call us with the results?
Brian: Not until tomorrow.
Gracie: I don't understand why we couldn't see her yet.
Brian: I don't either, I think I remember something about that they don't know entirely whats wrong with her so they need to run tests until they figure it out.
Gracie: But she's out mother, we should be able to see her. She must be terrified.
Brian: Gracie, she
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The Show Must Go on
I Walk into the audition room, it wrangles on my nerves.
What if I forget a line?
Or completely miss that note?
Quickly, I get into character
and hope to finally see the curtain.
I hear that word and wonder if I'll make the cut.
"We'll get back to you." These words weigh even more on my nerves.
Exit stage left. Curtain.
Exit. Review what happened; line by line.
Did they think I was enough of a character?
My agent called days later "The director sent me a note"
...What was said in that note?
For god sakes, tell me already! Did I make the cut?
"You got it, they loved what you did with your character."
Finally, I feel the untangling of my nerves.
Now I have to worry about memorizing all those lines
I open the script, parallel to the opening of a curtain.
"15 minutes until curtain!"
the stage manager shouts, "Meet in the greenroom in 5 for notes"
"you all have been doing well with your characterization and your lines,
but just remember - its opening night from tonight on, there's
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The Ignorance of Love
They say that love is blinding
this is wrong.
Love makes you see.
Love lets you see the person inside,
Love lets you see inside yourself.
Love blinds you to the outside world
and shows us only what we need to know.
Love shows us who you are, who you want to be
and who you need.
It is ignorance that makes you blind.
Ignorance leads you to believe you're in love
when you're really in lust.
Ignorance makes you do stupid things,
just to prove that you're in love.
Ignorance shows you what you want to see
and makes you believe it is love.
Love is not what hurts,
it is fooling ignorance for love
that causes pain.
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The Used
That's all we had
nothing more, nothing else.
We got what we wanted and you went your own way.
Never realizing what I wanted.
Never caring either.
You Bastard.
I don't forgive you for what you did.
I resent that you kept intentions secret
from me, despite my forwardness.
You knew
exactly what you did
but continued shooting for what you want
and pulling the covers over my eyes.
You Bastard.
I'm not alone in this, I know.
So here's to everyone who's had emotions crushed
by pricks like you.
To the ones who lost what they wanted to keep.
The used.
You Bastard.
:icondionysusludius05:DionysusLudius05 2 5
I thought you were happy.
I thought we were happy.
This came out of nowhere,
like a bomb ravaging my world -
tearing it apart because I can't be with you.
I try to sleep but the feelings are too strong.
Instead, I lay and stare at the ceiling,
thinking about where I went wrong.
Wishing that this was just a bad dream.
Thinking about the good times we had.
And crying because now they wont happen again.
I miss you.
Your smile, your eyes, your hair, your lips.
The way you could cheer me up just by saying Hey!
The way I felt around you was a sort of nirvana.
I felt comfortable around you, and safe. Like things would work out in the end.
But now, I just don't know.
I feel like there's something I don't know.
It doesn't add up. Did I come on too strong?
Did I expect too much?
Maybe I simply didn't realize this was just meant to be a learning experience.
I don't know what to say anymore,
I'm filled with such emotions depression, confusion, anger and numbness.
I don't want to meet someone new
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Forgiveness Without Regret
I know you don't feel any regret for the things you did to me.
I know that you haven't given me a second thought.
I can't express what I've gone through because of you.
It has become apparent to me that you can only think of yourself,
and include others when it will directly benefit you, and get you what you want.
After that is said and done, you cast them aside like a toddler using his toys:
Put back in your toy box to wait until you decide to use them again,
Or be forgotten. For good.
You know nothing about the consequences of your actions,
nothing about how they will effect someone other than yourself,
nothing about the pain your callus has caused others.
Through all that, I feel that you should know
I forgive you.
Even if you feel that you've done nothing wrong,
I know that you have.
I know that what I've gone through, because of you, is completely unprovoked.
I know that I've tried to make things better, but you seem not to care.
But still, through this all,
I forgive you.
I forgi
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Waiting is agony, the unknown is even worse.
I sit and wait to find the answer to my question:
Am I good enough?
If I'm not, what do I do?
This feeling is taking over my mind,
and it gets worse with each passing day; until I find my answer.
When something you want more than anything is just within your grasp, but keeps inching away,
what do you do?
Reach farther.
Even if the answer is dependent on nothing more you can do, reach farther.
But what if that still isn't enough?
What if your best still falls short.
Why did I chose this, why couldn't I chose the safe path?
What makes me think I can survive this way.
I can still turn around, I can alter course.
I can be safe.
Yet, I turn down this opportunity each time it arises.
I shoot it down like a clay pigeon.
Everything in my head is saying no, take the opportunity and go where you belong
Everything in my heart is saying Go! Keep going!
Everything in my soul is saying you know what you have to do. You know what will make you happy.
:icondionysusludius05:DionysusLudius05 0 8
Moving Up
All through the night,
I am feeling
helpless, hopeless, tired and scared.
What are we doing?
Where do we go from here?
Choices and choices,
decisions to make.
Where do we go from here,
and when are we gonna find out?
These times are changing
and tearing us out of our shells.
Who's gonna help me get through this now?
This time is gone now
the only thing left to do is
think, think, think.
Think about choices we made,
directions we chose
Where are we gonna end up now?
Everything is changing
and wracking on our nerves.
Trying to keep it together.
But how can we
when our lives are torn apart?
We just have to make it on our own.
Our own. Alone, again.
Counting the days till it's over,
Making the most of our time,
But its gotta end soon,
and we have to move on
to bigger and better things.
Just wishing we were getting there together,
Not leaving you behind.
:icondionysusludius05:DionysusLudius05 1 0
This Familiar Route
I used to be so happy, driving down this tract.
My spirit flew above all else, but now it sinks to the floor.
This familiar route has changed, but only in my head.
My feelings morph from containing my joy being impossible
to pure and udder rock bottom.
I can't believe I let this happen,
why did I get so close?
Why did I fall so hard?
Your image still floods my mind every time I close my eyes
the times we spent still appear at the most inconvenient times.
I cant get you out of my head.
theres no hope of recovering now
I'm already in your hold
but neither of us wants to be in this position,
you want to be rid of me
and i want you out of my head
I hope some day that both our hopes come true
and I can move on alone.
:icondionysusludius05:DionysusLudius05 0 0
My Disguised Demise
These walls are like hands slowly tightening around my neck.
I can't breathe. I'm losing air.
I'm losing myself,
and now I don't know who I am. I don't recognize anything.
I don't notice what is happening anymore.
My world is crumbling, falling to the ground.
Yet as I struggle, I'm powerless to fix it
because of the chord that binds me.
It wraps around me, squeezing the life from my body.
I can see the life vanishing before my eyes.
Day by day, that person drains away.
I miss him.
I think she would miss him too,
but how can she miss someone who she has never truly known?
When she has only known the disguise she forced on him.
The disguise which protected her,
and killed him.
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The one you wrote about thanking your friend. It's an awesome dedication. Not enough people in this world show how much they care and that's why there's so much hate. If everyone took five minutes every year to stop and thank those they hold close, this world would be such a better place.

As a whole, I liked your poetry, the thoughts expressed. It's minimalistic, but deep and authentic. One little bit of advice to consider for future poems is maybe some timing, or rhythm. Rhyming isn't always needed, but I think poetry is much more effective if it's timed, and symmetrical. (You don't have to take this criticism to heart, I'm far from an expert on poetry, just a suggestion)

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