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He seems to be carrying his own darkness with him.
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While descending :)
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I do really love the concept and the whole expression!
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And I am very glad because of that. :) :boogie:
Thank you! :)
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Great capture mate! :clap:
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Well deserved. ;)
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Terrific composition. You have really captured something here. It makes me wonder what this gentleman has experienced in his life. Bravo!
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nije loše denizzz. malo samo krupnije bi bilo veća fora...
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Znam što hoćeš reći. Tvoj mi se način jako sviđa i ja bih ga također trebao "tesati" dok mi ne uđe u krv. Međutim, što cjelovitiji ljudski lik u prostornoj situaciji još je jedan od načina koji bih želio malo bolje svladati. :)
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he looks very immersed in his thoughts.great angle!
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Thank you very much! :)
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..i opet ti tvoji magični tonovi...kako ti zavidim...
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:) Ja mislim da je ova lokacija sama po sebi dobra za tonove. :)
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up and down, with age slowly - only down.

I love how the angle seems to deformate the reality.
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And I like what you wrote. :)
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I discovered why at a lot of your photographs are old people!They walk very slowly thats' why!:giggle:
Dionisic's avatar
You're given me what to think about. :)
But, also, maybe the reason is that I love to photograph in the morning, and nowdays young people like to sleep until noon. :rofl:
Isaabel's avatar
Hm in my city-Krakow lot of young people get up early going to university, school or to work.So here is diffrent:giggle:But for example in Italy is very funny- my sister is studying there, and she says that young people there sleep until noon, but non only young people:giggle:
Dionisic's avatar
:) I was only joking. But, there is little truth in it. In fact, since the end of the previous political system, rising in the later hours has become something usual. Even some shops open at eleven o'clock a.m. Supervision of young people and controlling the time when they should be at home is no longer something that is normal. :)
Isaabel's avatar
;)yeah.Sorry but my knowledge about political system in Croatia is very poor, and the same about generaly Croatia. I know only that you have beautiful landscapes and beaches with stones:)
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