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The Beauty of Nature, and Yarn
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Mu, Sa, and Fir by Dionette, visual art

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My name is Isaac, though online I go by my OC name, Dionette (pronounced like "die on net"). Growing up, I loved creating my own creatures, primarily in pencil, but ever since I came across an indie game called Unravel, I became hooked on the idea of little yarn characters and turned into a yarn-junkie. Now I'm a fiber-art hobbyist who works with yarn and wire to make posable figures I call Garnar. I've also gotten into what I'm calling "appearance experiments" with my OC; that is, morphing him as other creatures as well as style challenges.

My uploading rate is spotty at best, but I browse daily.

My Artist Philosophy:

"Do what you feel is best for you and your work. While commissions may be the great exception, and even that can be negotiable, it is the artist who has the final say in how they proceed with their own projects. There is nothing wrong with constructive feedback and suggestions, and it would be wise to at least hear them out and take them into consideration, but for independent artists, these are still only suggestions based on someone else's opinions. As artists, we must remember why we became creators in the first place: to satisfy our own desires of self-expression. As the audience, we must remember that they are their own agents and are not obligated to what we have to say. Art has always been subjective, and we live in an age where art is more fluid than ever before, where just about any type of creativity might one day be in the next big showcase. Whatever we make is likely to appeal to someone, somewhere in this big world of ours, so the first viewer we must aim to please is ourselves."

Favourite Visual Artist
Blue-Hearts, AnyaBoz
Favourite Movies
Avatar, Dragonheart Series
Favourite TV Shows
Ben 10, Godzilla The Series, Avatar: The Last Airbender
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
Dracopedia Series, Pterosaurs, Five Nights at Freddy's Series
Favourite Games
Unravel, Unravel Two, Wizard101, Pirate101, Dragon's Prophet, Age of Mythology, Minecraft
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Yarn, Wire, Hot-Melt Glue
Other Interests
Mythical Creatures, FNAF, Birds
Create With Pride - June 29 This drawing reminds me of a part of myself that stuck with me for years: someone who loved to draw, creatures specifically. More so, it reminds of my time before college, a time when I drew for my own sake. There was no worry of it having to please anyone but myself or whether someone would actually pay money for it, no worry of it having to have some significant meaning, and no worry about deadlines; just whatever inspired me and however long it took. Some of those worries may be inescapable now, but some of that past freedom has started to creep back into my life, which is part of what drives me to create in the first place. :createwithpride:
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Create With Pride - June 22 Using your voice in your art and in life to advocate for people. Hmm...a bit tricky for me since I'm not really one to put myself out in the spotlight, and I don't often focus on sending messages with my art. I will say this though: the more we de-normalize stigmas, and the more we normalize human diversity, the easier it becomes to achieve equal rights and liberties for all. From activists to just social media commenters, we can all contribute a little something to stop pretending that bigotry and discrimination are at all acceptable. Pitching in a little can add up to a lot over time. :createwithpride:
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Create With Pride - June 15 Heritage and Identity? Well, like with many of us there was some definite clashing between the two, and I can certainly say I was an "odd" boy growing up. I remember falling in love with Littlest Pet Shop toys and having a world of them set up under my bed. At some point I figured out the concept of "target demographics", and repeatedly got the impression that "that's not what boys do", so I ended up largely suppressing that side of me through most of my teen years. I wasn't until "Unravel" got me interested in creating yarn figures that I began to reembrace that "cutesy" side to me, as well as not caring as much that I'm not "traditionally masculine". I can enjoy cute and soft things no matter who anyone thinks they're supposed to be for. :createwithpride:
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