The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art

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The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art

Have you ever tried to make a piece of pixel art?  Have you ever gotten stuck by not knowing where to begin? Do you wish you had a comprehensive guide to isometric pixel art?  Then this article may be what you were looking for.

It is not uncommon to think "i wish i knew how to do that" when looking at an incredibly massive and detailed piece of pixel art.  A common question also is "where to begin?"


The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art, over at</b>, takes you through 7 chapters explaining the foundations of pixel art and everything you need to know to get started, from colors and shapes, to textures and interiors.

EDIT:  Turns out that the creator of this tutorial happens to be a member at deviantART as well!  Props go to rhysd
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sedgemonkey's avatar
I searched for this on Google and this DA link came up first. Bizarre.
AsKiller's avatar
i really apreciated that, just awesome, thnk u very much this is my first work after reading the tutorial: [link]
basilmonkey's avatar
nice, but i do non-isometric art
moab-software's avatar
Hooray for pixelart! Great tutorial :)
tehmeh's avatar
ah, good memories of the isoforums... and the good ol' age of pixelation
rhysd's avatar
omg you visited the isoforums? ^_^ those were the bomb
tehmeh's avatar
blackavenger666? remember? spammer? hah
sunshynne's avatar
This is exactly what I've been looking for :D This really is a great source of information :D
ungco's avatar
i've been trying to find a decent tutorial for a while now even though im not a pixel artist. thanks guys ('specially rhysd)! :D it's really appreciated.
PeterPunK's avatar
whoa!!!! so, that´s the way to do it!!!!
Venom-V8's avatar
excellent...very good guide...
Vicsor-S3's avatar
Cool, I needed this :D
seinin's avatar
It is a great tutorial. I read it a long time ago, when I was only starting at pixel art and I have to say I'd have never continue doing it if it wasn't for it.
droolz's avatar
Wow, just what I was thinking. I tried to just 'copy' some pixel art styles which I'd seen earlier tonight, and failed miserably... now there is hope!
Felipegm's avatar
Grerat stuff. Never tryied to make pixel art cus don´t know to do that.
I´ll take a closer look and give it a try. :D
newtone's avatar
gaves me a first insight of how to do this ... it's like playing lego ;) but it makes fun indeed
butterfield123's avatar
as a non pixel artist i found the 1 pixel up 2 pixels across explaination very intresting.
gas13's avatar
:clap: pixelart to masses! :)
Phasma-Ex-Machina's avatar
Wow, that was an extremely comprehensive and helpful tutorial, thanks a lot, I'll have to give it a shot :D
ok321letsjenn's avatar takes so much detail to make one pixel person... XD and those backgrounds must take even more detail! amazing!
Forgotten-Myth's avatar
This tutorially is really good! I made my first pixel cube!
Killythefox's avatar
Nice, but not super needed by me. I remember wen i grasped the concept whyle making pixel buildings in Simcity 2000 contruction set :D God, good memories!
Trixklimation's avatar
heh... that may be quite helpful, since i may soon create a video game.
LostGears's avatar
Very nice and informative, but 7 chapters on how to make pixel art? Eh, probably only sounds ridiculous to me because pixel art is not hard for me at all even when I first began it wasn't too bad because I already understood the concept; tiny pixels make up a picture, simplifying the detail makes pixel art.

=p However there are always those not so observant individuals out there so I suppose it's good for them.
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