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Published: February 18, 2005

It is time for another issue of TWENTY, the spotlight that features twenty great artists in deviantART.  
Twice a month, we showcase 5 works by artists from all the realms of deviantART.   We will focus mainly on unknown artists within deviantART.
That way,  you will be able to see the talent that lies in the depths of deviantART.  

This month, we bring you a special issue:  TWENTY XII: Pure 3D.  As the title states, this issue is dedicated exclusively to 3-D artwork.

Without further ado, here is the art!

pixelquarry is the first one to be caught in the 3D.  His specialty is vehicles and characters, with more variety that can be found in his gallery.  The level of detail that the artist puts into the models will simply blow you away.

Lego 4x4 OffRoader 8466 by pixelquarry     Cyborg by pixelquarry     Boxes by pixelquarry    Rocketbot - new render by pixelquarry            LEGO 8453 No.2 by pixelquarry  

wadewood brings us some variety in his 3D.  Scenes, characters, and abstract artwork can be found in his gallery.  Surely worth taking a look, his eye candy can certainly please a few!

         :thumb14560272: :thumb12767107:  :thumb12514066:  :thumb12736175:    :thumb15054139:

Zer05um is the first one to bring some scenery to this specialty issue of Twenty.  He delivers originality and quality in his scenes, which can be hard to find in this subcategory!

Outworld Colony v0.97 by Zer05um Khampa Estuary V2 by Zer05um Distant Shores by Zer05um   A River Runs Through... v0.6 by Zer05um   Fortress at sunset by Zer05um

4- :pointr: i-04
The first taste of abstract in this edition is brought to us by i-04, who actually makes some attractive artwork that is sure to catch your eye and keep it entertained for a while!

:thumb14883503:      :thumb10791676:      :thumb13883937:      :thumb12467210:      :thumb15193259:

Having a relatively small gallery can't keep newmdl from being featured here! his artwork is definetely worth a browse! The sheer size of the art is sure to immerse you in it.

:thumb15023183:      :thumb11660453:     :thumb10129608:  :thumb11661151:      :thumb11660714:     

syntax4 seems to enjoy working with abstracts.   His gallery depicts a liking of variety which is evident and quite refreshing!

Anti-Matter by syntax4    To No Avail by syntax4    Ampere by syntax4    :thumb14925039:   The 1st Day by syntax4            

juntao shows us great renders of objects that we are familiar with. Great skill is shown throughout his gallery.  Great skill and potential live within this deviant!

Tank Feng Shu by juntao         update scene by juntao    previous works by juntao    1870s Saloon by juntao       Jet Racer by juntao

8- :pointr: wurp
It isn't hard to mistake wurp's work for photography.  That is how realistic his artwork is.  Quality 3D artwork that feels like you can just grab it off your screen.  

Cup by wurp       Sax by wurp       Powerbook g4 by wurp       Metaltrees by wurp       Mechanism by wurp

9- :pointr: d0rn
d0rn's 3D work is quite amazing.  His originality is something that should be valued in a genre such as 3D with abstract touch.  His use of light, materials, and forms are very impressive.    

kommher by d0rn bot5 by d0rn 26 by d0rn       teVor by d0rn            tazom by d0rn

supersaiyanz10 is an artist who produces very interesting abstract pieces.  A great aspect of his work is the use of different coloration throughout his pieces, showing variety that will keep you engaged!

lordolof rocks the house with his style.  Few artists are capable of producing 3D work that looks artificial and organic.  lordolof pulls both off with great style.  

       Somewhere in the dark by lordolof    record EQATE PACK13 by lordolof BlockBits Version2 by lordolof   Twisted Neon by lordolof         A dream by lordolof

kittomer lurks the realms of fantasy and science fiction, which are evident in his great gallery.  His 3D work is quite impressive and is surely worth a look!

Ice Palace by kittomer       Japan by kittomer       Bridges by kittomer       Thunderchild by kittomer       White City by kittomer

Olivier050670 specializes in characters, especially human leaning towards fantasy.  His artwork is sure to capture the imagination and make us admire how well this artist depicts his characters.  

      Dragon Girl by Olivier050670       SOG05 by Olivier050670   Ascension by Olivier050670      Throne by Olivier050670       Katie by Olivier050670

When it comes to scenery, jrsaldana knows what he's doing.  His landscapes are extremely detailed, showing skill in texturing.  

Manases 2 by jrsaldana       Las Maderas by jrsaldana             Hacia Oz by jrsaldana       Mi Viaje by jrsaldana

There are few things as cool as 3D presented in a very pleasing way.  LumaClark accomplishes this in quite a unique style that is worth checking out.  

  :thumb15115612: :thumb7775961: :thumb11131743: :thumb6857601: :thumb11764601:

MaxGuru's gallery contains a wide range of 3D work.  However, some of his best work depicts interiors.  The mood in these deviations is achieved flawlessly.  Lots of skill here!.

Built-in-Desk by MaxGuru       Small room by MaxGuru       Merry Christmas by MaxGuru       Abandoned by MaxGuru       MR - day night by MaxGuru

Closing out abstracts for this issue, here is iuneWind.  His abstracts are great at simply catching the eye and making it get lost in the complexity of the renders.  Combine this with a very interesting use of color and you've got yourself an abstract trip!

tech wind by iuneWind       Cosmos set by iuneWind       fly_desk_vertical by iuneWind       desert flowers by iuneWind       c-flower by iuneWind

A pleseant journey awaits over at KeremGo's gallery.  3D artwork including both scenery, fantasy, and science fiction are very well done.  Worth a look!

:thumb14037118: :thumb15085758:  :thumb15201935: :thumb14461702: :thumb13602836:     

Over 100 pieces of 3D artwork lie in bartolomeus' gallery.  The use of materials and lighting certainly unveil a very skillful 3D artist!

    Scalemodel by bartolomeus       saltpeppe by bartolomeus    Mystique rain by bartolomeus       Coffee by bartolomeus       Sextant update by bartolomeus

20- :pointr: admax
admax closes this issue of 20 with more artwork that reflects the quality of the 3D work depicted in this issue.  His works have a level of realism that is very rare.  Only top 3D artists have this gift.  

BaLabz by admax       Grapes V2 by admax       T a s t e  M e by profane       Energy absorbers by admax       CHERRY ICE by admax


That is it for this issue! We hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for 100 more works from 20 artists in the next issue, coming out in 2 weeks.
If you have any questions about TWENTY, would like to suggest someone, or just plain general feedback, then you can also email us at (Please include links!).


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love the pure 3d section.........specialy adamx...
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Wow, such amazing 3D artwork, so realistic! They must've taken so long. I couldn't even think of trying to do something like that, it seems near impossible!
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Yay for all the abstract artists out there :D
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how bout some love for the fractal artists?
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JoeRiceDesignsHobbyist Interface Designer
I agree:!: :!:

Another vote for fractal artists ;)
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hehe we need plenty of votes.... by and large we are overlooked by the entirety of DA staff..
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That's very cool; though I wish there was more landscaping stuff...

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PsilovibeProfessional Interface Designer
If those are not superb 3d artists I don't know what superb is. Excellent choices indeed.
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KeremGoProfessional Digital Artist
I am very proud. Thanks everyone who showed their support...
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:clap: congrats!!! i was certain i would find your name in this twelve deviants :)
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ahem, dont you mean twenty deviants? ;)
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^^;;;; awwww,so sorry =.= i always confuse "twelve" and "twenty"
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KeremGoProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks... :)
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:shocked: You guys deserve it.. Holah crap!
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not a single fresh idea. is art dead?
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More good stuff folks. :thumbsup:
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3d-club Digital Artist
This is great for the 3d artists! Good to see all these stunning renders all here together.

- Grettir
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Zer05umProfessional General Artist
Oh, so this is why I've started getting so many more views.

Wow - people think I rate up there with protecta, kittomer and the others!

>>GOSH<< 8)

Thank you so much!
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