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Planetary Rings Tutorial

This one is way overdue. I got the desire to write one when I saw the tutorial telling people to use the spiral filter. Good effort, but that's wrong like a cubed planet. Rings are not spirals like that. Yes, I know that Cassini found a spiral of dust around Saturn's rings, but it looks nothing like the spiral tool in Photoshop!

But enough about that. Here's an alternative and what i've been using when making them in Photoshop.

As usual, let me know if you're having any problems at all. Also, if you do make rings and are satisfied, tell me about what your approach. We can all learn quite a bit here :)
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Thank you for sharing!
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Used here:…

Great tutorial, thanks SO much!
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Great tutorial, thanks so much! I've been looking for a good tutorial for ages, but yours is the first to actually fit my needs. Just a hint though, if you make the black circle and lower the fill opacity of the layer to zero you can add the inner/outer glow effects but have the circle remain invisible. Merge it with a new, empty layer and the effects will remain but the black circle will be gone. I use that trick all the time in making the atmospheric glow for my planets, it makes things a bit easier.
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Thanks this is great.
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very good tutorial many many thanks :dance:
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I... I LOVE YOU. I used it here: [link]
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Hello, I followed your tutorial on a picture of mine: [link]

It was very, very helpful 0_0 Like, seriousy, so helpful. I'd have never figured it out for myself, n00b that I am
But on that I do have one remark. On step 6, I couldn't use Filter/Texture/Grain... (which is what I assumed you were implying I use) and have it texturize the rings, only the black circle, which was very confusing. I ended up going back to the Blending Options and adding a touch of Noise on the outer and inner glow. ...And I don't know if you'd intended the grain to be done in either manner (it was pretty vague). But--! It forced me to experiment and find a solution on my own (which is pretty cool; I feel accomplished haha), so I guess that's a plus...

Urgh!! I don't know! I just know the rings on my planet turned out pretty frickin' awesome and it's all thanks to your amazingly helpful tutorial! (...And some messing around with Opacity, Fill, Image/Adjustments/Brightness/Contrast, and Image/Adjustments/Hue/Saturation.) I am definitely going to experiment on making different-sized rings on my own eventually ^^
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I'm glad that the tutorial helped! Think of the hiccup as a good thing, though. It forced you to try to figure it out on your own (even if it was unintended) and you worked it out for your better workflow.

Good luck in the future!
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Whoops, sorry, that link's to one of the textures I used O_O Eh heh. Sorry
Here the real link, I swear: [link]
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Hey, I used your tutorial for this picture: [link]

Thank you for posting this!
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I love spirals. Thank you so much for sharing. :la:
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used your tutorial here [link] thank you once again for passing knowledge :)
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oh hey why not make pdf for make planet cuz it was long narrow image for me to scroll down...
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Because you can have this open in PS while you're working, too. :)
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Thanks. I used it for here:
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like always... great work again! thanks to show us all this fantastic tutorials!
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where i it ? I can't see the tutorial ...
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Click the "download" button on the right.
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oh, lol thx xD
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