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January 4, 2009
Mythos721 said about Planet Tutorial by `dinyctis "This amazing tutorial reveals a simple, yet effective technique to create amzing planets in Photoshop."
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Planet Tutorial

Ok, so over the ages, i noticed that if there is one thing that space artists (especially newcomers) struggle with, then it has to be planet textures. Lots of them just cant get their planets to look good, cant find good textures, or simply dont have 3d studio max

So i decided to throw everyone a bone, and i made a tutorial on how to make a somewhat realistic-looking planet using only photoshop. Be adviced that you need to have some basic photoshop knowledge to follow this, and if not, i suggest you spend 50 dollars on the adobe photoshop book, or read the help files that photoshop came with)

I made a JPEG tutorial because:

1) I'ts annoying when you have to change from photoshop to your browser, and vice-versa. With Jpegs you have everything neat in photoshop

2) I didnt feel like writing HTML

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to drop me a line.

In addition, here's a tutorial on making rings. I see many rings and tutorials produced with the spiral tool and that's just terrible! Thanks for the effort... but that's just wrong.

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Even years later I come back to this, it's great.
You know that this is an old one since it mentions your computer possibly having less than a GB of Ram.
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Yikes this is so helpful, the writing is a bit difficult to read though. Could this be done on any program, using similar tools? Like say....something on the IPad?
Xeir-Zith's avatar
Im gonna try this with GIMP since I dont have access to Photoshop
Cupric's avatar
Thanks a lot! It's a bit hard to recreate as my drawing program doesn't have those fancy extras, but I'll try my best to substitute :happybounce:
KevinVang's avatar
Do you have a youtube tutorial for this?
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A-M-A-Z-I-NG!!! thanks a heap!!!! Clap :happybounce: 
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HeavyBenny's avatar
Fourteen years later this tutorial is still completely relevant. Thanks a bunch!
spike2378's avatar
This May be really old but I don't get the same effect for the atmosphere layer I get it around the outside/border of the image with the color around it. Since the color doesn't actually go on the planet did they change it in Cs6? Thanks 
dinyctis's avatar
Can you show me what you have at this stage?
spike2378's avatar
Oh Sorry I figured it out but, now I have trouble with the Gaussian blur its not dark enough for some reason other than that everything else is fine Thanks
ZukoFireBook's avatar
yeah, years ago I could do this, but now I decided to do it again and I am having the same problem with the blur.
jenny-theanimator's avatar
Nice! I needed something like this!
AlarOkami's avatar
Wow! This tutorial is awesome! I've used it in something i'm doing, and it was great haha. Thanks!
Ink-Shira's avatar
Hi! I know this is a pretty old tutorial but I have a question. I use Photoshop elements 12 and When I go into "Layer styles", it doesn't really have any of the options shown in the tutorial. Is there an alternative to this?

It also won't let me do the control C + Control V thing for the shadow
dinyctis's avatar
I'm not familiar with Elements but I would get questions like that throughout the years and apparently Elements doesnt have certain features to let you apply layer effects

As far as control C and control V, it would be Apple C and V if you're on a mac.  Otherwise, it should work :(
Ink-Shira's avatar
Thanks! I actually figured out another way. Thanks so much for replying though!!
Hey... remember this:…

well, I just wanted to say thanks again for this tutorial!! It always serves me as a great point of reference since I first came across it.

I've just submitted a deviant using your method as a foundation. See here:…

Take care!
Great tutorial! I've (almost) managed to get a planet; I'm just having a problem with one thing - the atmosphere. I don't know whether I'm being dense, or whether it's because my version of PS is massively dated (7!), but I'm struggling to find a fuzzybrush.
KyuremuX's avatar
I have a little problem here, i need help please :(
At the point to get rid of the extra shadow after I clicked the 'base' with ctrl while the shadow layer is active CTRL+V does nothing, because it seems like I can't copy the layers at all. What I did wrong?
GoldenLordFreeza's avatar
Thanks for sharing!!! I really appreciate it, I have learned from using Bryce often.
PhotoshopExpress's avatar
Thanks for reminding me about textures such as the one applied here.
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