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I mentioned that i would be submitting my favorite months of the 2005 calendar as wallpapers, so this is the first one to go

A whole lot of airbrushing, really. In fact, this is 2 prototype galaxies that i made put together. Making galaxies is so much fun, you have no idea.

If you want to, feel free to leave a thought or two :)
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How did you make this??

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Installed as desktop background (Was curious.) Hope no objection. More than satisfied.
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Very nice. This is all with Photoshop? Or physical airbrushing?
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All Photoshop :)
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Very great work and total photo-realistic look. I wished I could found such great tutorials on how making so cool looking galaxies. All PS Tuts make no help doing similar as your good looking one.
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Amazing! :)

How do you make these? Please tell me! ;)
Looking at this gave me a strange sense of glee.
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Amazing, the only thing i don't like/wouldn't do in the future, is the too many repetitive stars.
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awesome. I love your work. I wanted a stunning cosmic background and lo and behold, there it is.
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Very great work here, reminds me a little of the "Whirlpool" galaxy :)
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How do you avoid going insane while doing all of those tiny stars?

Amazing piece.
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By zooming out and looking at the whole thing =P

Good question :)
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Ohh hope you will do more Tutorials like your planet one! how about Galaxyes ?
Galaxies looks so cute as backgrounds
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Its a possibility :)
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Wonderful work, man. I'm an aspiring space artist. Could you give me a few little heads up tips on making nebulae? I'm somewhat lost. =P

Regardless, this is a wonderous piece. Fav + Watch(Coming from me, that's pretty big :P)
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how do yo get galaxies to work. i tried doing some but they didn't turn out right. is there any tips you can give me please.
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I suggest you go here and immerse yourself in the imagery. Study the galaxies, their angles, texture, light, arms, displacement, star concentration, color, etc.

Be aware though, making them is a process, and it takes a lot of steps before it even starts to look like a galaxy at all :)
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thankyou, i will have a look thankyou, i realise that it will take a while to pruce but if it works then it should be well worth it. do you work with different layers or on the same layer with different effects and filters etc. again thankyou for the help :D
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I work with a lot of different layers. On a side note, i make all the work and then i make a layer set with all the colors.
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okies i will experiment lol. thanks for the help :D
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the sight is very beautiful!
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