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Grammar Natzee

The goofing off continues.

I've wanted to do this for a long time. The only thing that stopped me was the idea of offending people.

But then, it just hit me. People do serious political artwork against the US, and I'll take flak about goofing off with this? Hell no.

So, this is for all of us grammar natzees out there.

:bulletred: Those of us who want to point out every grammatical mistake when we see one.
:bulletred: Those of us who want to slap the crap out of whoever makes a grammatical HORROR (not error).
:bulletred: Those of us who loathe enormous paragraphs with no formatting whatsoever. Just one huge line of text, without commas!
:bulletred: Those of us with in our bookmarks.
:bulletred: Those of us who are cool enough to laugh it up when we make a mistake ourselves.

The grammatical mistakes at the bottom are intentional to go with the 5th point.

Oh yea, 15 mins in Photoshop. Definitely not my best poster, but It'll do. It'll do.

EDIT: Turns out that I actually misspelled a word in the poster by accident! Not so much of a natzee!
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i am just gonna say my opinion on this. i know grammar is important, i myself also got annoyed when i see spell mistakes, even though i often make them myself which is why i never point it out to others. you guys need to remember that not all people are English, i am not. and often the ones who complains over peopls grammer are people who dont even speak two languages. i speak four Danish English German and Færøsk. i can also do some sign landguage. we also learn the grammer rules for our own country which not is always the same as english, what is a mistake for you maybe is not for us. kinda like how some words are diffrent spelt British to American. or just even Canadian. like both gray and grey is right. i was a top studen in english and i still get told about my grammer mistakes here on the internet, i am sure you guys already have found some in this text already. like guys why is the i suppouse to be a big I. and what is this thing ' we dont use that here in denmark.  

also, last i like to mention that i am dyslexia but am pretty sure i can read and write in more landguages than any of you grammer nazis

ps, i am from denmark. and we got pretty much about the second world war. it is like half of our historie lessons (other half Vikings ) through all of school. and btw we don't really care so much about grammar here in Denmark. I have never once in my life been told about my bad grammar in Danish except from teachers. also, teachers are not allowed to mark a spelling mistake unleash its a language class. 
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OMG!  I'm not alone.  Hey all  y'all.
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Thanks for the comment!  The key here is that it can be very obvious when English is not someone's first language or when you know that it is (if they were born and raised in an English-speaking country). 
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Why has the first "It'll do" a capital I? :-)
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I have been a "Grammar Natzee" for as long as I can remember. I hate it when people write huge columns of text with no periods or commas whatsoever - how am I supposed to READ this?! And it especially pisses me off when people somehow spell basic words incorrectly! Heil spellcheck, indeed. I salute you!
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Hello from TvTropes!
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This just made my day. =D
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heh, heh, I'm not a grammar Nazi, but durnit, if people would express their educational representations on Amerikan English, no? ;)
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The Thin Red Line! <3 lolz!
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Hell to the frickin' yes. ...Actually, I've seen this a few times before, but I figured now's as good a time as any to actually fav it.
I've been a Grammar "Natzee" for as long as I can remember, because (also for as long as I can remember,) even the slightest typo has been able to seriously throw me off when I'm reading something. Thing is, I can't recall which of the two came first: did a low tolerance for typos turn me into a GN, or did being a GN wind up diminishing said tolerance to its current low levels?

But in any case...
:salute: Heil Spellcheck indeed!
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What is the font used?
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...that edit. this are ironic XD
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Lie and lay aren't on the poster?! Nooooo!!

I only mention it because that's the one thing that screws me constantly. :(
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HAAAH! This is me all day! xD :rofl:
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Yes... just yes
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YES! and... Natzee is supposed to be Nazi... :l
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Not intended to be.
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I was texting my friend about Attack on Titan, and spellcheck changed "Mikasa" to "molasses". x'D D.Y.A.C.
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I need this!
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Good talk! I would love to have a poster like that in my bedroom :)
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