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Detritus by dinyctis Detritus by dinyctis
Old school baby!

I say that because this reminds me of older works of mine. This piece was originally done for the 2005 calendar, it is the month of June.

I dont have a lot to say other than i lightened up while doing this, even though the little voices kept telling me to make it realistic =P
But then...........why cant this be realistic? i dont see any physical flaws, other than the distances being blown out of proportion for the sake of eye-candy. Other than that, it's all good.

Thank you :)

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44aboriginny2014 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
judahart Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011
in what program can you do this ?
this is mad cool
dinyctis Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011
You can do this pretty much with photoshop. I used 3dmax for the debris because I already had them made from a previous project but you can make them in photoshop as well since they don't have a lot of detail.
joshjcurtis Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2010
You work is amazing.
dinyctis Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
Thank you :)
r-des Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
awesome!!Really great!
bookwurmgirl Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
thats can u draw things so beautifully i like your other pictures that have images of space in them..just wow
uberslug Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2006
You should make a tutorial on how you made the sun type thing.
narutoheadman21 Featured By Owner May 27, 2005
May I know what program you use??
dinyctis Featured By Owner May 27, 2005
Photoshop :)
narutoheadman21 Featured By Owner May 27, 2005
HA! I thought so. Thanks!:stupidme:
Eolhin Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004   General Artist
Very cool. What did you do this with?
Sirenanna Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
definetly a :+fav:
like the avy too
plantagenist Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004
I like it
starships Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004
Gee mate...
Thats incredibly amazing.

With what did you create this Art?
man... I'd love to see this for real.

Very nice work.
dinyctis Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2004
I used Photoshop :)
alyn Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2004
excellent, beautiful contrasts in colour, superb planets, and generally good image set up. Reminds me of that red based planetary wallpaper you did a while back (had that on desktop for a bit too), good stuff as usual ;)
MissFlesh Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Very good color choice, the asteroids looks great, its a very "explosive" image.
Great work!
iMike Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2004
this is awesome. love the motion blur adds serious depth and realism.

good job, you know, for a lithuanian :P
creator07 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I enjoy the sense of action in this piece. Very active and alive this piece is. One little thing I really ennjoy about it, is where there are dark shadows from lack of light, you can still see slight detail. Only negative I would say is too cluttered.
daikan Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2004
Very nice, though the quality is lacking a bit in the middle of the uppermost planet, the red-orange one.
genocide-54 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004
It does look like your older work which is sweet and like Duris said the lighting looks sweet. The colours also add some nice touches. Rock on man :boogie:
superkev Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004  Professional Photographer
of course you know what i think when i see this: "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"


very cool. i like the speedy asteroids.
aarora Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004
Very nice scenery, looks amazing, well done.
IdaLarsenArt Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
wow..amazing gallery you´ve got...
CurseOfReverence Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004   Traditional Artist
iax Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004
Nice work. I love the asteroids. Simple excellence.
admin-sever15 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004
I'm definitely diggin it, but I think the motion blur is a bit heavy on the close objects. Other than that, this is golden.
lord-zany Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004
nasht-01 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2004

great effect on the asteroids!
Sloan47 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
Excellent work!!
mattdanna Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004  Hobbyist Interface Designer
That's awesome man. I love all the asteroids. The lighting is great too.
Nice work, as always.
wip-ffff Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
the asteroids are really cool!! :D
:+fav: :)
vitamin-c Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
The thing to remember dude, is that if we only wanted realism we could get a telescope and spend hours staring into space! As it is you have produced a piece of art that is a visual treat. The added bonus is that it could very well be real - who is to say what celestial phenomenon lie outside our limited knowledge?!

Nice work! The colours are really interesting. The vivid contrast of the explosive flare with the cold dark blue of the surrounding space looks great, and the detail of the scattered rock is also worth a mention. The extra touches like the movement blur of the closer rocks demonstrate your commitment to your work!

Great lighting effects used too! Very theatrical, especially with the three planets grouped around the explosion!

mcismowski Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
Awesome! I like the motion blur on the closer rocks.
madbrainsurgeon Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sweet old skool vibes coming off of this love it
KingVahagn Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
THat looks so beautiful. The colors, the shading, everything!
Simply amazing, very nice work
Galeos Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004

Dinyctis, once again you have shown your ability in space scenes.
This piece is very detailed and very impressive, on the overall.
I would like to give you my two cents, though:

1. The big star pretty much reminds me of Jupiter, and the name reminds me of the greek wine god, Dionisus.
2. The explosion, IMHO, is very eye disturbing. Something bothers me about it. Maybe because of the extreme lighting in the middle of a dark enviroment, such as space. It wouldn't matter a lot if the rest was well lit up, but I guess that that's the point - Showing the explosion by the asteroids.
3. Speaking of asteroids, it can be one of two:

a. You wanted to make them static and floating in space, which is pretty lousy accomplishment with the big boulders and a very good attepmt with the little one. Well, ok, not static, but at least traveling at slow velocities.
b. The other assumption, which seems to me like 95% right, by your attempt, is that you tried to make show in a 2d surface, as a picture, movement of the asteroids, which in that case, and i'm pretty sure that the case, you've done a marvolous job.
When objects move at a large speed, the eye captures it as smeered, because the eye is not fast enough to catch the whole detail. It has to do with the reflection of light, but without going into details, because of the vast speed, the object looks smeared, just like you made the moving asteroids. It was fast as light, we wouldn't be able to see it :P
Now this is quite brilliant. How would you convey to the viewers that the objects are indeed moving towards the big planet? You smear them! Their blurriness only adds to the feeling that they are near impact.

B it is :P

4. I really love how you used the colours for the impact. Green - hazardous rays from space :P Seriously, I love how you made scaling, from almost white, to green as it gets distant from the explosion.

Never the less, this picture is very detailed and very realistic. I like this one, and it reminds me of jupiter and a poem I once wrote. If you ever get the chance, listen to Jupiter by Cave-In while looking at this. Might stir some new emotions.

Very good job!

dinyctis Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
The funny thins is that............there is no explosion, just a sunrise :lmao:
Galeos Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
ROFL, well it seemed to me like an explosion more than a sunrise, mate. Especially with the asteroids moving and the scaling of the light :)

Eclipse-CJ3 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
That's awesome, but sharpen the jpeg a couple times, it's really blurry.
dinyctis Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
It was sharp, but i toned it down for acceptable submission size. Think of the dial-up users! =P
monkeynana Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004  Professional Photographer
:wow: I like it :clap:
Hameed Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Wonderful work man, spectacular cinematic lighting!
urbannomad Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
truly ur talent man! good job!
tigaer Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
what captures me are the sunbeams here - extremely well done.
C-y-n-d-i Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
Still makes nice eye candy :D I love the asteroids best.
rmgr Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
very awesome asteroids :D
swarfega Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
excellent work
anonymousinc Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
great work... :)
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