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Old school baby!

I say that because this reminds me of older works of mine. This piece was originally done for the 2005 calendar, it is the month of June.

I dont have a lot to say other than i lightened up while doing this, even though the little voices kept telling me to make it realistic =P
But then...........why cant this be realistic? i dont see any physical flaws, other than the distances being blown out of proportion for the sake of eye-candy. Other than that, it's all good.

Thank you :)

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in what program can you do this ?
this is mad cool
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You can do this pretty much with photoshop. I used 3dmax for the debris because I already had them made from a previous project but you can make them in photoshop as well since they don't have a lot of detail.
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You work is amazing.
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awesome!!Really great!
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thats can u draw things so beautifully i like your other pictures that have images of space in them..just wow
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You should make a tutorial on how you made the sun type thing.
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May I know what program you use??
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HA! I thought so. Thanks!:stupidme:
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Very cool. What did you do this with?
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definetly a :+fav:
like the avy too
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Gee mate...
Thats incredibly amazing.

With what did you create this Art?
man... I'd love to see this for real.

Very nice work.
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I used Photoshop :)
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excellent, beautiful contrasts in colour, superb planets, and generally good image set up. Reminds me of that red based planetary wallpaper you did a while back (had that on desktop for a bit too), good stuff as usual ;)
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Very good color choice, the asteroids looks great, its a very "explosive" image.
Great work!
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this is awesome. love the motion blur adds serious depth and realism.

good job, you know, for a lithuanian :P
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I enjoy the sense of action in this piece. Very active and alive this piece is. One little thing I really ennjoy about it, is where there are dark shadows from lack of light, you can still see slight detail. Only negative I would say is too cluttered.
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Very nice, though the quality is lacking a bit in the middle of the uppermost planet, the red-orange one.
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It does look like your older work which is sweet and like Duris said the lighting looks sweet. The colours also add some nice touches. Rock on man :boogie:
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of course you know what i think when i see this: "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"


very cool. i like the speedy asteroids.
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Very nice scenery, looks amazing, well done.
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