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February 14, 2010
Cosmic Daylight Close Up by `dinyctis is a legendary masterpiece!
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Cosmic Daylight Close Up

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i havent submitted anything for over a month, so i decided to submit somewhat of a preview of my current work. As you can see, im learning how to make rings for planets, since not a lot of people are doing space scenes with ringed planets; plus i wanted to play around and learn something new.
an easy way wouldve been so simply make rings in photoshop, then set them to low opacity; however theres no fun in that, and since im not trying to achieve a photorealistic look, that wasnt a choice.
instead i turned to 3dstudio max and started learning the deal with particle systems. and after 3 days of experiments with photoshop, i finally got a look what im satisfied with. i think this is pretty good for a first try, and i like the way its coming along.
the final version should be finished soon.
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Lean-V's avatar
Overall welldone, but is it just me or is the bottom part of the ring extremely low rez?
dinyctis's avatar
It probably is. Look at the smaller stars in the background, they're low res also. Back then, not everyone had broadband so I had to knock down the quality more than I would today :)
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Jscenery's avatar
Texture on planet is quite poor, but the ring is superb :) Nice work !
dinyctis's avatar
Isn't it amazing how far the standards have come in 7 years?
Frobie-Mangaka's avatar
I dunno what's more epic, this pic or your avatar!
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MeaNara's avatar
That is SO COOL!!! :highfive:
AgentWills's avatar
simply breathtaking
mind if I make this my wallpaper?
dinyctis's avatar
Of course you can :)
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GeneralMeow's avatar
Congrats on the DD. You're famous for your rings.
MinaAnima's avatar
It's just like a dream !
Joshua503's avatar
I just set this as my new back ground!
focallength's avatar
Very nice work. Gorgeous details.
AndromedaCollision's avatar
man I wanna know how to do that :D
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I have a planet tutorial in my gallery and a semi-rudimentary ring tutorial as well :)
AndromedaCollision's avatar
srr for the late reply :D

thx i will check it out :D
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deviantfetishlver's avatar
i'm reminded of pitch black when seeing this.
dinyctis's avatar
Hmmm I'm gonna have to watch that movie again :lol:
deviantfetishlver's avatar
amazing movie; made my own gaia online spoof of it; called it "adventures in another world"
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