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ip dip sky blue

tiko and CCrimsyn 's tag, wherein tiko probably likes this game more than tag does, whatever they're playing! 

really enjoyed going in for the bright bright whites on how tiko's backlit and the colour variations from the orange bounce light, we're practising every day over here haha 
reference used is this image:… I traced the first sketch in order to get the proportions of everything right, so I could focus more on the colour and lighting study this turned into. c: I spent quite a long time getting the colours and such just right so taking a reduced AP score but giving the esk full GP scores accordingly!

10 (shaded) 5 (full body) 1 (enchantment x1) 5 (personal) 10 (other x1) 20 (interact x2)  || TOTAL AP: 51
tiko: 4 (shaded) 2 (full body) 6 (scenic bg) 1 (enchantment x1)  || TOTAL GP: 13
tag: 4 (shaded) 2 (full body) 6 (scenic bg)  || TOTAL GP: 12
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i did not comment on this yet, preposterous. anyway, i love them little boys. cutest kids. back when i suggested you'd draw them i didnt think youd actually do it, not right away at least haha. you know how it is when askin for yOUR OWN CHARACTER. but this is extremely cute, thank u <3

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ahahaha they're just so cute and so counterparty ..... I was inspired and I love them, dumb little boys. <3

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This is so darn cute I want to hug them both! The idea and execution are *chef’s kiss*

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thank you so much!!

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Hee that is not typical composition or idea for art. And looks great!

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ooh so cute! tiko is looking sneaky >:3 wonder what he plans to do next

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probably pounce or something hahaha. thank you : D

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