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Installation >>
Copy fonts to /home/.fonts << [link] >><< [link] >>
create a folder named conky at home folder then copy lua script there
copy .conkyrc(hidden file) to /home

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Rings don't show on screen, I need some help please.

Tip for anyone using this: In the .conkyrc file, there is an error. This is how to fix it: open the file .conkyrc which you previously saved in your home folder. Under "Window Specifications" at the line own_window_hints "undecorate" should be changed to "undecorated". Changing this made conky not overlay any windows ie: it attached to the desktop instead of being always on top. Also, in the last line "Batery" should be spelled "Battery".

Fantastic work by the creator. This looks amazing and with that one simple tweak, worked like a charm which cannot be said of all conky skins! Thank you.
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Do you know how to add hard drive temperature to your rings? 
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How do I show the circles man ?
How do I show the circles?
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i can't see the circle conky, why??
thx MAN :)
cool conf
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Thank you for sharing! This is beautiful!
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awesome. thanks
Thanks man! very much appreciated
Looks very nice! How do I remove the "battery" ring? (I'm on a desktop computer, plus there's a typo.)
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Thanks ^^ I do not remember sorry:(
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I just posted my conky, inspired from this one, happy to share : [link]
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Thanks :) Looks cool man!
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very nice , thanks
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Great job! And thanx for sharing, I've been working on it for few hours (takes quite some time to move the components) and I can't turn my eyes off of it now!

I'm using it on a Ghost in the Shell / Motoko background, it rocks! Thanx again!
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Thanks man I'm glad you like it ^^
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