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[OTA - closed] Rock's Not Dead!

By dinoyolk
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Edit://  I'm closing this tomorrow to choose an offer <3


By buying an adopt from me you are agreeing to my TOS
any questions should be directed to me through PM's <3

Auto-Buy (1): 30$     (high to encourage offers!)
Auto-Buy (2): 65$    (+ full ref like this and whatever edits/add-ons you want.)

Owner will be sent the unwatermarked version of the adopt through however they'd prefer. (default is notes, can be sent through Email,, Notes and even Discord.)

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I could offer $10 and 300 points along with 3 digital full bodies with simple backgrounds:


Samara (G)
The Demon in Sheeps clothing [CE]
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Hello! I'd like to accept this offer if you're still offering it :^0!

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Hiya! Yes i am still interested :0
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Sweet! You can send the money to

The points can be sent through the gift option

and fullbody wise I'd love if you could draw these lads! <3:




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Sent both points and USD <3 Will begin with the babes <3 thanks so much for accepting!

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I'd be willing to trade these characters if you'd be interested? :)

Some of these are super iffy though in this folder-

And these are extremly iffy but some I may be willing :) -

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I took a gander through the folders but I couldn't find anyone that really interested me, thank you though!

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No worries thats okay, thankyou for your time :)

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anyone from here (and as many as you want), 5 fullbodies, 5 halfbodies, 3 headshots (all shaded), and 1 lineless halfbody, and a custom if you want? Also this is worth around 200+ dollars I think

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Examples, I can also do some fancy blend shading, which i'll show on a reply to this example comment

w o w i e ,  l i n e s  g o  b r r
{BTA - OPEN} - Moodboard Based - Scorpion Snap
1 more to goooo
im baaaaaaaack
not what it looks like
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oh god they look amazing, if i had more money i would AB them ;;w;;

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100 points uwu
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anything from my th??

(offlimits mains, chams and sonas lol)

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I took a look but I couldn't find anyone that I could connect to, thank you anyways <3

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i'll offer 2 fullbodies for normal or an experimental piece for AB2

(experimental like these:

[AF] Hello!
starfleet captain
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