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While writing this, I have 2201 favorites saved. I've been on DeviantArt for 5 years collecting these. 
The way in which I categorized my favorites is what I want to explain to you here. 
Mainly because I think it is quite an efficient way of categorizing. Maybe it will be useful to someone. :) 

For a long while the five categories have been: 
Bullet; Green Beautiful and awesome 
Bullet; Green Meaningful and inspiring 
Bullet; Green Dark art and goth things
Bullet; Green Cute and funny 
Bullet; Green Games (now: fan-art) 

What I love about this categorization is that I've always been able to give any art that I loved a place in these folders. 
Recently I added a few folders for photo manipulation and such.. Those I am not going to discuss any further. 

So, what's in those five folders? 

Beautiful and awesome

An impression:

Bubbles Catcher by LMcentury21   Prism Eyes by yuumei

Floaters of an alien world by Valinakova   Ghost Galaxy by NanoMortis   Ooo by Mars-Hill

Goddess of the Koi by JoJoesArt   May by escume

The moth by Elda-QD   Sleep Amid the Soap by Endivinity   Experimental Portrait I #274 by AngelGanev

This category is by far the biggest of the five. It contains any art that "wow's" me as soon as I see it.
Most of the time they're works of art that I like because they're visually pleasing. (Great colors, technique, composition, etc.)
They're works of art that I love, that don't fit into any of the other four categories.
These artworks can also be very inspiring, but not in the sense I mean by the following category.

Meaningful and inspiring

An impression:

A Dadaist Stance On Transgender Politics by nilwilnil   Master of Nothing by DNAfever   Consumerism by BenHeine

Art Is Resistance by STiX2000   Yin Yang of World Hunger by Deevad   NSA monster by Shockowaffel   Never Lasting by yuumei

In this category, I collected art that makes a statement, or brings up questions. Sometimes they weren't intended as a statement but it means something to me. 
Art in this category either suits my personal ideas, or makes me question them. Not all the works of art in this category I find visually pleasing, and some I wouldn't add to my "Beautiful and awesome" folder. They speak to me in a different manner. Most however would definitely fit in both folders.
Or maybe in the following category.

Dark art and goth things

An impression:

Split by DNAfever   Ritual by IrenHorrors   Should Die Before I Wake by Eman333

soli.tude III by silent-order   Spiderv2 by UmbraSeraph

Devil by BettaKats   Bright Eyes by zephy0

This category contains anything Gothic, dark, macabre, horror, grotesque, unsettling. It ranges from cybergoth fashion to strange, surreal, unsettling works of art. You'll find a lot of darkness, skulls, bats, death.. The usual skull emoticons wink 
It's probably not for everyone, but it is a side to art that I personally enjoy very much. That's why I created an individual category for anything dark.
This also makes it easier for people who share this preference to see these works together.
Or, for the people who don't like it, to avoid it.

Cute and funny

An impression:

   Vintage Jade Fairy by Shirley-Agnew-Art   Forest Love II by orestART

Floating Fish by Minnhagen   Tomato crab by Dwarf4r   Pug Fish by sbelmarsh

Art in this category either makes me laugh, giggle, smile or melts my heart. It's not always art that I find as visually pleasing, just like some of the works in the Meaningful and inspiring category. However, they do always bring positive and happy feelings. Also, by cute and funny, I also mean cute OR funny.
Not everything in this category makes me laugh, obviously. That might be a bit insulting to some artists Sweating a little... 
And then last but not least:

Fan art

An impression:

BLEACH Ulquiorra 02_full size by LALAax   Assassin's Creed Old Paint Wallpaper by TheSyanArt

   Minecraft Floating Biome Homes by MarshmallowInvader   Dusky Silt Strider by zhirfrox

Still my tiniest folder, but my fan-art folder contains, you guessed it! Fan-art! Meow :3 But only fan-art of things I am a fan of. There's probably a lot more fan-art in my favorites, of which I am not aware that it's fan-art, and it sits in my "Beautiful and awesome" folder.
Still as tiny as it is, because I don't come across art of my favorite games, movies and series as often. I don't really look for it either.

I hope this was an interesting read, and I also hope that maybe someone is inspired to re-categorize their favorites. This categorization has been a great way for me, to categorize a lot of art, in a limited amount of folders. 
Last but not least, I want to show you my Featured folder. It contains work from all the five categories mentioned above. The works that I love the very most out of everything. I will show you some of the most recently added ones: 

Featured Love 

If Wishes were Fishes by Jeszika-Le-Viathan   Swells by shirotsuki   Memory by wlop

Japanese monster - female bone by rororei      Random Sketch by FabianMonk

Read more here:
What is art? (To me)In my 5 years on DeviantArt I have been collecting art in my favorites folder. 
Also in those years, I learned about art in school, and changed my preferences over time. 
What makes art good? What makes art interesting? 
Recently I think I found my personal answer to that question.
I love an artwork, when instead of telling a story, it asks for one. 
When people ask me why I never read books, I say: 
"Some people read stories and get an image in their head,
I look at an image and imagine a story." 
My favorites collections' "featured" section has been empty for a very long time. 
A few days ago though, I decided to go through all of the art I have ever added to my favorites. 
From those I picked the ones which capture me the most. My "absolute favorites". 
Most of them are surprising or raising questions, others are unsettling, which I also love in art.
Some are just there with the mere reason that I think they look amazing, and nothing more

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Shirley-Agnew-Art's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature, it is very much appreciated! :hug:
DinowCookie's avatar
You're welcome! ^_^ Heart 
nilwilnil's avatar
Thanks for making an example of me ;] 
My whole computer is a mess, nevermind my favs file. 
DinowCookie's avatar
Hehe you're welcome ^_^ I am very fond of your artwork! 
Actually, Added to my devWatch! 
nilwilnil's avatar
Much appreciated :]
Jeszika-Le-Viathan's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my painting!! <3 So many beautiful pieces here!
DinowCookie's avatar
You're welcome ^_^ I am glad you like it. Make sure to check my favorites folders :D you'll find a lot of similar work. 
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Heart Thank you very much!! 
Have a nice week! 
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You're welcome :) and thank you for the faves!
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