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The idea was to make a still life photo manipulation. And because recently I've been doing all these memento mori inspired artworks, I couldn't not make a "traditional" Vanitas piece. 
Though, I cheated a little with that adorable snake. (Which I was tempted to edit a hat on top of.)

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My own resource,
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This is awesome!! :D 
DinowCookie's avatar
Aw thank you. I am glad you like it :happybounce: 
That snake is the most adorable one I've ever seen. So pretty Love 
AivisV's avatar
Haha no problem!! :D
And thank you too. xD 
kaleidobot's avatar
DinowCookie's avatar
Me too :D of all kinds ^_^ except maybe my own, it terrifies me slightly ;P
kaleidobot's avatar
It protects your brain :P
Do you like calaveras too? I recently discovered the concept, I love them, especially when they are colourful :D
DinowCookie's avatar
Hmm no I am not too fond of those. Mainly because I don't know much about them, but also because I prefer to not see skulls as festive and colorful thing. I prefer them to remain a dark, scary thing. ^_^ 
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Simple but speaks volumes, makes we want to know the story of this room, well done
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Hehe the surface is actually a pic of a dresser in our hallway, the one where I took the photo of my dog "little ball of fur" ^_^ If you're interested in art history, Google "Vanitas" :) you may find it interesting!
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Nice I will certainly! 
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I love the lighting on this one! The choice of snake was perfect as this gave the picture a fresh look. I really like how you make simple yet so elegant (and sometimes even thought provoking!!) works!! Brilliant!
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Thank you :D I am glad you like the lighting. If you look at the stock photo of the skull, you can see I had to "invert" the lighting on it. It's now highlighted where the shadows were and vice versa, that turned out better than expected. Also I am glad you like the snake. The idea was to go entirely traditional with this one but I couldn't xD the snake just needed to be in there. Makes me happy to read that you enjoy my art that much, and that you think it can be thought provoking, it's exactly what I am aiming to do with some of my work :D 
Can't wait till the time when my skills are also "up there". Right now, my creativity and originality is saving me hehe ^_^ 
aaTmaHira's avatar
Now that you mentioned it, i did check the skull!! Haha that was clever indeed! you're learning very fast!! I can't wait to see what else you come up with! :hug: :huggle:
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I'll look forward to read your thoughts about my future artworks ^_^ thank you for all the kind comments
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you're more than welcome ^^
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Good piece..the lighting is perfect...the insect is quite funny ...I knew u where up to something :)
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When I start adding multiple similar stock images to my favorites I am probably up to something ^_^ hehe 
I'm glad you like this :D the snake is suppose to be looking at the fly.
Also I'm glad you like the lighting ^_^ I enjoy using candles in my art! 
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