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That's mine..

Another photo of my sister from our shoot today. 
Made a photo manipulation of it :D 

Model: Bianca

Skull: by 

Ghost: by
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Alas, poor Yorick...
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Who is Yorick? :P 
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A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.
It's an iconic scene from William Shakespeare's Hamlet, where a skull is held up like this.
I am sorry you didn't get the reference.
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Hehe that's okay ^_^ that's just me being an uneducated butt :P 
I did actually read hamlet though.. for English class. 
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Nicely done, thanks for using my stock
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Thank you :) I might make a better version later ^_^ 
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We all have one :) Your sister must be some kind of female Hamlet wink I like that you've added the specter of death in the distance.
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Hehe it's fun how this can be interpreted differently. My boyfriend said something different as well, and my intention was again different from that! At first I wanted to add the grim reaper to the background, making it so that she'd be stealing his job. Once I had edited in the reaper though, I thought it would be more fun to see it as the spirit whose skull she is holding! Thus the title :) it's not hers, but of the spirit. This was a 1-hour-tops edit though and I am thinking of re-doing it. I like the composition and part of the lighting effects but there are things I am not pleased with. Like the way the ghost was edited in, and that her skin is now completely grey. I'll probably update soon, or upload an upcycled version ^_^
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We all have our own opinion on things and it's all good :) That's what makes us unique. For one hour edit you have done well. I like your idea.
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Well, that's true. How "good" art is will always be subjective. The work in progress on this looked better than the final result in my opinion. When adding in the ghost, and then the lighting, I feel I ruined it a bit. 
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