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Hello, I'm some random person who draws things. Mostly dinosaurs.

I have a YouTube channel were I have a few videos up. Plan to do more with it in the future though:…

Not really that much more to say.

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A certain Malagasy maniraptoran suggested this a while back, so I made it because why not?


How likely do you think it is that some non-avian dinosaurs survived the K-Pg extinction for a significant amount of time (like a couple hundred of thousands or millions of years)?
If there is an exception to every rule, does that mean there's an exception to the rule that there's an exception to every rule?
So, I'm kinda out of ideas for prehistoric animals to draw. Any suggestions?
I just saw the infamous Norm of the North.

Holy fuck, that was bad. Haven't seen something as bad since I saw the Ghostbusters reboot. There were literally no redeemable qualities in the film. The animation was horrifyingly bad, the plot... just everything was terrible. Somebody, please end my suffering.


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