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to take the diary or not

Little Harrys around Harry Potter representing his inner conscience(hufflepuff harry & gryffindor harry), greed(ravenclaw harry) & darkness(slytherin harry).

SlytherinHarry & RavenclawHarry prompted Harry to take Roger Bacon diary,although HufflepuffHarry & GryffindorHarry said NO. QuirellMort playing with said diary, grinning. In the far end near the door, perched a blue beetle : Rita Skeeter, spying.

Fanart dedicated to a wonderful Harry Potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality[link]
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Oh! I see, somebody like right books! :D
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Never though I'd say this, but Rita is adorable
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I'm not the biggest Methods of Rationality fan but I adore this bit of art, great job.
Hufflepuff: NO! HARRY!

Gryffindor: Don't, it's a trap.

Slytherin: Think of the power if must contain.

Ravenclaw: BOOK! :D
Where's the like button when you need it.
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ill have to agree with you there
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If I recall, isn't he -not- Quirrelmort in this? He seems like an entirely different person. @_@

Also, I thought he didn't wear a turban and went around fairly normal-ish, aside from his zombie state. Or was I wrong about that too?
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I wouldn't even think for a split second before grabbing it.
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Lol tiny harrys
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this is really good! keep it up.. would love to see more <3
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In HPMOR Quirrell do not wear turban. It's clearly stated, nothing on the head
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I love you for these
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He needs counseling. Or meds.
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beetle goes *squish*
Ha, love the fic, haven't even read all of it yet :D
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little harrys are so cute i like sytherin harry and how u did his glasses
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Awsome pic and story!
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I love the expressions on the little Harrys' faces! They are perfect!
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Gryfindor and Hufflepuff: No Harry! Don't take the book! It's evil and stolen!
Slytherin: Dude, take the book, it's fine, besides do you want him to have it anyway?
Ravenclaw: Ooh, Ooh! BOOK! I must have the book! GIVE IT TO ME!
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This is my wallpaper now, and for a long time to come I think. Unless you want me to not to use it as such?
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Ravenclaw Harry's face is just PERFECT!
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