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to take the diary or not



Little Harrys around Harry Potter representing his inner conscience(hufflepuff harry & gryffindor harry), greed(ravenclaw harry) & darkness(slytherin harry).

SlytherinHarry & RavenclawHarry prompted Harry to take Roger Bacon diary,although HufflepuffHarry & GryffindorHarry said NO. QuirellMort playing with said diary, grinning. In the far end near the door, perched a blue beetle : Rita Skeeter, spying.

Fanart dedicated to a wonderful Harry Potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality[link]
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With how much this format's been used over the years, I'm surprised nobody made a version that concerns a religious issue rather than a strictly moral dilemma and the roles are reversed as a result. For instance: Protagonist finds out someone they know is gay. An angel tells them to stop associating with that person or to shame them because homosexuality is a sin, while a devil is telling them to chill out and be tolerant and decent because their friend's sexuality is no one else's business.