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this was your father's rock

Dumbledore give Harry Potter his father's rock for unknown reason. All the while being serious(and wearing silly pink robes). ^^
Fanart for a wonderful harry potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.
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Well...I wonder why Harry was so surprised James had a rock. I mean...Harry had one too...I wonder if Dumbledore knew about that...? *grin*

This picture is delightful. Dumbles looks somewhere between deadly-serious and about-to-start-laughing. And the mushroom hat! It looks like what I imagined it! 
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I can't believe that this actually ended up being important.
Dumbledore tried to pull an Obi-Wan, "Your father's Rock(lightsaber). This is the weapon of a wizard(Jedi Knight). Not as clumsy or random as a muggle weapon(blaster); an elegant weapon for a more civilized age."
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Oh my god, a giant rock! Take it Harry! It's a giant rock! Think of the possibilities!
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Oh my god, it's a giant rock! I can't believe what I'm seeing! A giant rock! It's a rock and it's giant!
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If only there was another rock. Then it would be complete!
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Oh my god, it's another giant rock!
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This is both awesome and for some reason I imagined the rock to be bigger. Still you have gained a follower.
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Because of your brilliant fanart, I decide to read this story. And dear fucking god, it's brilliant! :XD:
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Awesome! This was my favorite part in the story. Fantastic new robes you got there Dumbledore. xD
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the hat is lovely isn't it XD
thanks a lot HARRYxLUNA03244 :D
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You're very welcome its due to your comics and fan art that I've finally decided to read this Fic I have come across it a few times on but just passed over it but now im very very intrigued
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I want Dumbledore's hat.

P.S. Awesome pic.
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I love the hat. :) And the rest of Dumbledore's outfit as well.
Is this a joke. No, Harry, it unfortunetly isn't. May God have mercy on your soul.
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hahahaha, poor harry ^^
I can almost see the sweat drop that's threatening to come out behind his head....
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hahahaha, ^^ too true! I tried to draw the sweat but it comes out too comical for this harry potter.
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