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shopping with minerva

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Harry Potter experimenting his newly purchased moleskin 'bag of holding' pouch with his bag of galleon. He try to summon his money using various names (from 'okane' to 'token of economic exchange') to test the moleskin pouch voice recognition & its artificial intelligent.

This fanart is dedicated to a wonderful harry potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]
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- Минерва, вы честная и хорошая женщина (с) - Гарри
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Harry looks so adorable in this~!!!
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harry looks so small and vulnerable. you wouldn't think MoR Harry to be so intellectual by just looking at him. ~
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I saw the green turban and though "HEY IT'S QUIRREL!!!!


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Great! Love how you made me do a double-take on Quirrell in the background.
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surprise! it's Quirell in the back ^^
thanks seeun0709
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This is exactly how Minera looks like. A perfect representation. old lady jewlery! ah!
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thank you very much :D
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Oooo. Awesome.
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This version of harry potter is almost as gib as Lelouch V Britannia.
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thank you, I'm happy you all like it.

yep, that's Quirell in the back
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Hey there Quirrell.
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haha, thank you for the comment EdwardHoushi ^^
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Oh this is an awesome pic. Thanks!
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thank you blackbreeze13^^
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