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old bat in a cape,snape

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Snape, Dumbledore & Mcgonagal reaction during the infamous harry's 'i aint afraid of darklords'song in the sorting hat ^^
Dumbly robes is weird, coz he is a nutter.huahahaha!
...and the thing in Snape's goblet is wine, not blood.
This pic is dedicated to a wonderful harry potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality[link]
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Dumbledore at his very best =D Marvellous expressions, a more exact description of that chapter would be hard indeed to create.
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And then he dropped it onto his groin.
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I can't follow you yet. Haven't finished reading. Afraid for spoilers.
(Will continue to favspam. Sorry.)
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I think I like how Dumbledore reacted the best. XD
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Humming Dumbledore ftw.
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Awesome pic. At least Dumbledore seems to be enjoying it...
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I love this! I never considered he would be squeezing his goblet to pieces because of that one line, or that it might be a reference to him... For Snape's awesome expression, the traditional media, the design/colors/font of the speech bubble, and the lovely shamrocks on Dumbledore's robes, you get another fav. :)
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Well, it did say that he was deforming the silver goblet.
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yaay, thank you The-Fuzy-Llama ^^
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Wow, thank you for all your compliments. It's an honour. :D
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This is pure awesome.
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thank you Anundine ^^
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You're very welcome!
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BEST harry potter related scene i have seen in a LONG time.
In your art category, I would declare it the greatest and best envisioned.
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wow, thank you for the compliment MasterMenthe ^^ I'm flattered
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awesome dumbledore - mcgonagall seems to wear the same things under her robes everyday tho - thank god for cleaning spells?
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Wahaha, thank you loletia ^^
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Thank you for your compliments, I'm glad you like it,
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I just had to re-read that chapter (with the Ghostbuster song on winamp, of course)

Awesome Funny!!
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thanks Defender-of-Chaos ^^
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I love it for Dumbledore.
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Thank you, O Great Author of Harry Potter MoR. ^^
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I have to favorite this. It is too awesome a pic for me not the favorite it. Thanks for this. I always laugh at Snape's expression in this.
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