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is my salad a sentient?

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Chp 48 of Less Wrong's HP fanfiction:
Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]

HarryPotter & TerryBoot.

Harry making theories during breakfast about sentient/self-awareness possibility of snakes & other animals caused by spell that enable us to talk to animals(like parselmouth to snake or poultrymoth to cows?) which make him avoid eating meat for the time being.

Unfortunately he realized that if such spell to talk to animals exists, there's the possibility that there is a spell to talk to plants, giving plants self-awareness(becoming sentient)
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I love his expression.Tard OMG Emote 
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Stupefaction Face!
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One of my favourite bita of the book/fanfic so far.
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Terry: *please don't stab me please don't stab me pleasedon'tstabme*
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Oh gosh his face...:lmao:
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Funny and adorable.
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Wonderful as always :)

...ahah! I've just realised /your/ work is where my mental picture of Harry comes from!
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you know, you did a remarkable job on Harry's facial expression there. That said, "Just eat the students, said Hufflepuff. There's no doubt about whether they're sentient." That is all.
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is my salad a scientist, i think is a better question.
because lesser sentients aren't as much of consequence.

; D but that's how i read the title first,
it made me laugh. so i'm sharing. :3
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Ack! Vegetarians... Vegans are no longer safe anymore!!! What has the world come to?! :faint:
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yep, bad news for vegans ^^;
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that's one big fork :D
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The title made me crack up before I even looked at the pic.

Merlin forbid! Not sentient salads!
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lol, thanks seeun0709 XD sentien salad huh? that'll be bad news for vegetarians.
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I find this funny and shocking because i'm a vegetarian myself
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true, imagine : salad as sentient. Lol ^^
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Hahaha, Moo?

I love this drawing. Brilliant.
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The look on his face...You did this perfectly! ^_^ XD
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