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how dare you potter

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Chp 50 of Less Wrong's HP fanfiction :
Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality[link]

Angry Padma accuse Harry of sending a ghost-like entity who can read her worst fears, scaring the life out of her.
Harry pretends that he too was the victim of said ghost-like entity.

blond girl : penelope clearwater,
left & right of harry : michael corner & kevin entwhistle
the rest : cluster of ravenclaw students
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Just an FYI Padma has the dot on her forehead, in reality the dot means the woman is married
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ah I see, i guess the custom in India differs in Indonesia, my country. The dot on the forehead in Indonesia is a cosmetic for beauty since ancient Majapahit Hindu empire. Akin to bindi, and they are often used by women regardless or being married or not. it is still often used as status of Royalty in Yogyskarta Royals.
Plus in Indonesia the tilak is for religious purpose (see Balinese and Hindu Java).

Ah forgive me, I didnt know the custom in India that only married women wear dot on their forehead. I thought it was similiar to Indonesia.
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that is fascinating, I have been to a majority of the world but never Indonesia
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why not visit Indonesia? we will welcome you warmly.
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I'm already planning a trip with my wife and children for February any places in particular I should see? I tend to look for history while my wife looks for good food  
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The problem with having a reputation of being able to do the impossible is that you can never have an alibi.
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Oh my gosh, the tiny kid with the glasses. His EYES Bahahahahahaahahahahahahah
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Harry's expression made me laugh. It's the perfect "what kind of irrational superstitious gibberish are you throwing around this time?"
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I really like how you drew Padma!
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Did you color this by hand? It looks great!
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Beautiful coloring. Did you do it by hand? It's great!
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Your draw the Patils very well. Love the hair.
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Padma looks really good here, well done!
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I love it when you use watercolors ;)
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Thank you Worgak, :D
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great job. i love the way you drew padma
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Thanks Dnaliw!^^ i love Padma, so she has to be cute >w<
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Padma looks very cute :)

Moar dinosaurusgede artwork! ^^
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Thanks V2Blast ^^ I'm still far from good & need more practice
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I LOVE your MoR Fanart SO MUCH. I've stopped seeing the characters as their movie-selves and started thinking of them like your portrayl.
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Wow, really? thanks TallyWoods! ^^
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