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help me, Lord Harry

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Chp 27 of Less Wrong's HP fanfiction :
Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality[link]

Lesath Lestrange ask (Future Dark Lord) Harry Potter to save his parents (Bellatrix & Rabastan Lestrange) from Azkaban prison after Harry rescued him from Fifth year Gryffindor bullies.
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Poor Lesath I just want to give him a hug
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This was painful.
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Need to do one of Lesath waiting with a book, for Harry.
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Loved it. The posture in this last panel is what really drives its emotion home. I love it!!
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I hate this scene, it's utterly heartbreaking.

Really, it hurts to read it.
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See, you say "This scene is utterly heartbreaking. Really, it hurts to read it. I hate it."
I say "This scene is utterly heartbreaking. Really, it hurts to read it. I love it."

I love it when something I read gives me that gut-wrenching feeling. Lets me know that the writer's doing his job.
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...I cannot wait to see what Harry will do about the Lestrange Dilemma.
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Ok, you just made me tear up all over again. This scene was so sad... Well done with the fanart, to bring back my tears.

I wanna be a StarKid Actress!
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"Had nothing to do with it".
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Huh. I don't think pledging yourself as a willing slave to mysterious and possibly evil wizard lords is genetic, but it seems to run in the family...
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T-T This was my favorite chapter. I identified with so much in it.
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Oooh , this was an amazing scene. Your illustrations are excellent
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Great portrayal of emotions - you can feel the desperation coming from Lestrange.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Thank you, glad it came out well :D
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Btw, didn't you forget that Harry ALWAYS carries his bag of holding around with him? Like in EVERY picture.
But because it is just as big as a small purse, this is the only picture where it's really obvious when you think about it.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
ah right. forgot. sorry..
what do you think Harry's bag of holding look like?
TheOneButcher's avatar
Puh... Trust Harry to pick one out that looks like this: [link]
but didn't you already do it here [link]
dinosaurusgede's avatar
The one I done is just plain guessing
Hmm, the bag of holding pic you gave me is a good one.
I shall implement this in my next pictures. Hey, thanks!
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I am always happy to help, because, face it: You're the awesome.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
:D you're awesome too!
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really? did you read the stuff by me?
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....I wonder if Harry's going to tell Lesath about Bella...?(I mean, he could totally spin it- Lesath would be in his debt forever!)
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