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Chapter 19 of Less Wrong's Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]

Professor Quirell giving Harry a lesson of how to lose by literally losing from several fifth year Slytherins(=being bullied). Note that Proffesor Quirell is Voldemort in disguise and he is EVIL, and Harry is weird enough to accept the lesson. Harry enduring all the abuse till the end. Then he got standing ovation from his classmates. For being brave to face his weakness.

* Sorry, I cannot make the picture of students standing on their desk because of limited space in the panel.
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Holy Spoilers for those who still haven't read it, will ya?
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i still like to imagine proffessor quirrell with the turban
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Monkey bites
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Voldemort, like Harry, is a lot smarter in the fic, and seems to have learned from his defeat rather than stubbornly trying to terrorize everyone again, though. I kinda like him in that story. He's got that Magnificent Bastard touch.
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I know it is an incredibly silly question, but where in the text is it explicitly stated that he is indeed Voldie?
And while it is being very heavily implied inside the text (and plain obvious outside of text), one wonders... how come Harry didn't find out yet (or did he, and just didn't care).
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It's cannon. It doesn't need to be stated.
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But.. are we certain Quirrel=Voldy in this version? in that case it must've slipped my mind since i read it..
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Something about the perspective shift from the front view to the backview and the difference in details in both panels makes me really love this. And the colors. And Slytherin's house reactions!
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Love your pictures. But I always thought that Quirell wasn't Voldemort parse, just that Voldemort was trying (and succeeding) to take over, hence the zombie periods. But I don't know, he might actually be Voldemort in the fanfic they changed enough, like Quirell in the movies was nervous. Anyways, as i said, I love your pictures.
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woao.....coool dude
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A good question to ask: What the hell is up with Quirrell? I'm not entirely sure he is Voldemort in this fic...
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ur drawing is Manga-cartoonish
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>Note that Proffesor Quirell is Voldemort in disguise and he is EVIL
We don't know that for sure, and I'd say his attitude towards Harry (as well as generally) suggests otherwise.
Well, for an outstanding example, take the speech he delivered after that final battle of the first semester - if he is actually the Dark Lord, why would he teach mages to unite against Dark Lords?
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We know it for sure by word of God (EY) in his author's notes, which he also posted here (sorry, I don't know how to do links: [link]
Maybe he has some ulterior motive for wanting Harry to be supported. Maybe he just wants the magical world to be ruled by somebody competent and doesn't care who does it. It's kind of sad to think of Quirrel as Voldemort because he is such an awesome mentor. I probably won't figure it out until the grand moment of revelation.
Does anybody want to work on a list of everything that looks like a hint? I've already started, but I'm not really good at subtleties, so I'm probably missing really important things.
Also, dinosaurusgede, this is a really cool picture. I like how you can tell who most of the students watching are. Also, it's awesome how you draw Quirrel to look exactly like that statue EY said he looked like. This picture really captures the feeling of that part of Ch19. Keep up the amazing work!
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Well, what we know about his attempt at grabbing the power before Harry's parents got killed does not really imply that modus operandi (take for example the death marks); or that set of goals, either. Seems like we'll have to wait and see.
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To get rid of his competition, perhaps? XD
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Well, if he'd said "Unite against any Dark Lord except for me", I would've agreed with you. :3
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Hee, love how rowdy the Gryffindors are! I only just read Methods of Rationality and I'm loving your illustrations.
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Draco's Face. Is. Win.
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This was exactly what I imagined when I read the scene.
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making Potter Evans-Verres MORE effective at winning and killing than he ALREADY was?

I would say Quirrell is wierder for teaching him than Harry is for accepting :O

like this isn't TOTALLY going to bite MoldyShorts in the ass come chapter 80 or 90 or whatevs.

Harry: "Remember that part where you taught me how to lose Professor Evil Pants? Its been so long, I think I'll remind you..."

Quirrell: is that...are you about to PARTIALLY TRANSFIGURE A TIME TURNER? oh shiii--

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Gah, love the art but you totally just spoiled stuff for me in the artist's statement section.
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Losing to win, cruel to be kind... Don't you love paradoxes? (Or is it paradoxii?)

Awesome fic, as always
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thanks :DD paradoxes I think ^^
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