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a play of Tragedy of Light

a spinoff of Death Note : Tragedy of Light.
In the poster there's Ryuk in all of his evilness, Mahou Shounen Slytherin-wizard Lawliet(L), and slytherin-wizard Yagami Light wearing a DeathRing(not a DeathNote).

Tragedy of Light is a play in 'Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality' wizarding world to teach evil pureblood wizard family about zanatos gambit.(quoted from tvtropes)

So yeah, Draco & Lucius Malfoy has to go & watch them ^^

Fanart for a wonderful Harry Potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality[link]
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I love this Lucius so much...He's the perfect representation on what his character is.
Два любимых произведения искусства на одном арте. Замечательно! Элиезер замечательный автор!
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And then a muggle criminal shoots down Lucius and Draco becomes Batman? :D

Just kidding, i know and love MoR and your fanarts are stunning.
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lucius has a wonderful "doting father" look on his face ^^
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I love these little cameos by manga characters.
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Love the joke in the fic, love your fan art too :D
oh my god yes i love this all of the this wonderful
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wow i didnt get that it was a spinoff of that, even though its one of my fav animes/mangas of all time and i just finished reading it for the 4th time, wow i feel dumb
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That little part of it made me giggle in confusion, and my first idea was that it was referring to some old story that DeathNote happened to have been modernizing, but no. It was simply an anime reference in a story about Artemis Fowl replacing Harry Potter
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Draco:...The muggles are evil. So evil.
Lucius: Beautifully evil...IT IS SO ELOQUENT AND CLEVER.
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Loll this is so cool. Harry in this fic did remind me of Light
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Loved that scene, and the death note allusion.
This is great! I like how you draw :)
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God, I love your work, it captured just what I imagened in my head
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This cameo was great in the fic and this image is just epic. I wanna see that play too. (Especially with the promise of truly *magical* special effects...)
Draco just looks so happy. And his father so subtly excited.
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Ooh, I LOVE Lucius's and Draco's faces in this.
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I would be slightly surprised if anyone reading this was unfamiliar with the term 'Xanatos Gambit'.
However, after reading Ch. 33 of HP:MOR that term just isnt enough. Thirty Gambit Pileup isnt even enough. I would like to submit Xanatos TRAIN WRECK as a new Trope. A Thirty Gambit Pileup taken Up To Eleven. And anyone who hasn't read Ch. 33 in the last 24 hours, go read it again. You know you want to.
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I wanna see this movie, I wish it were real T.T
Play, actually. But, yes, it would be good to see. Course, you can get damn near the same thing through watching Death Note.
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Oh play :XD: Either play or movie I don't care which one I just wanna see it~
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