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Where can I get minions

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Chapter 16 of fanfic Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong [link]

Zombie Quirell in the front class.
Harry & Draco conversing :

Draco :"Potter? What are you doing in this class?"

Harry : "Draco? What are you doing in oh my god you have minions."

Draco : "Potter, I introduce to you Mr. Crabbe, Mr. Goyle. Vincent, Gregory, this is Harry Potter."

Crabbe : "Please to meetcha" in a tone that sounded like he was trying to lower his voice as far as it could go.

Harry : "You have minions! Where do I get minions?"

Draco : "I'm afraid, Potter, that step one is to be Sorted into Slytherin -"
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Shocked Shock Emote 
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ZombieQuirrell is just perfect 😂
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that's just hilarious.
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I love Draco here.
Arahneed's avatar
this is a masterpiece xD
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This is a wonderful picture of this funny chapter!
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I love Zombi!Quirrell in the background XD
Once again, the expressions.
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i loved this scene. harry and draco have such intimate conversations XD
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Oh God, Quirrell in the background... at first I thought he was dead.
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Quirrel in the background.. I'm still laughing.
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so dino, you're apparently the self-appointed "Mary Grand-Pre'' of LessWrong, then?

I like you're work. The only problem is you've done too much and now I want you to illustrate the whole thing.

Which you'll probably never finish :/ But what we have so far is great! :D
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I want my own minions too...
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I'll be his minion so long as I have the right to stab him every time he does something that while amazing... Is either emotionally caustic or just plain stupid.
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I love this! The line itself was epic-ly illustrated, but Quirrellmort in the background in zombie-mode made it awesome!! Love, love XD
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Shouldn't Zomvie Quirell be wearing a turban?
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This was one of my favorite conversations.
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Awesome pic.

Zombie Quirrell caught me off-guard for a second there...
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Draco: Step Two: Get your testicles removed. LOL!
dinosaurusgede's avatar
LOL, that's extreme ^^
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step one is to complete a quest, then you get a minion.
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Yeah, doesn't sound like he's happy now that he finally has one.
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