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This, was you father's rock 3

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This! Was your father's rock (& roll)!!

This fanart is inspired by MBlume's comment in Less, and I admit is a BRILLIANT IDEA! Thank you!
And I would like to say thank you to UnknownCartoonsLover for conveying MBlume's idea to me, I really appreciate it :D
So, behold the THIRD version of 'This! Was your father's rock(& roll)!'

A spinoff of a scene ''This, was your father's rock'' in fanfiction by Less Wrong, Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]
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I love parodies..:*Emoticon*:. Fangirling Marinette 
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Okay, you literally, truly did make me laugh out loud. Quite loudly, in fact. You win one internet!
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This is beautiful! Can't stop laughing. :D *gasps for air*
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XD I'm freakin' dying of chuckles here. This is silly and brilliant and...thank you. Just thank you for the smiles. :)
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Oh, dear. Dumbledore + pompadour = Dumbledour. :P
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Someone may havementioned this, but your art really reminds me of Ouran High School Host Club. Harry looks a lot like Kyouya...
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I wanna be a StarKid Actress!
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Yes. All the yes.
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Ever since reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, I've found that non-insane things are boring and I can usually top this level of crazy without even trying. :p (Well, idea-wise. I could never draw what's in my head that well though, kudos!)

Life has gotten a lot more epic. :)
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That sounds awesome.
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You can? Pray tell! I'm at a loss, and my weirdness level is already high up. (Maybe it's the wrong kind of weirdness..?)
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Is it just me, or does that look suit Dumbledore far too well?
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Totally awesome!
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Totally awesome!
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Its funny 'cause I can actually imagine Dumbledore doing that
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this is adorable
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I literally loled at this.
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This ... is brilliant. And oh! So beautiful. :iconooohplz:
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First time seeing Rockstar!Dumbledore. LOL

Awesome pic, and Harry echoes my first thought.
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thanks seeun0709 ^^
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I burst out laughing every time I look at it. Well done xD
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horay! thanks V2Blast ^^
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One does not simply ROCK into Hogwar--*is Stupefied*
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