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Taboo Tradeoffs

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Fanart of Harry Potter Methods of Rationality Chapter 81 : Taboo Tradeoffs, Pt 3 by Less Wrong
Read more : [link]

Harry trying to save Hermione from being sent to Azkaban.
Just love this chapter <3
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Mar 29, 2012, 12:06:49 AM
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This is my favorite chapter of that fanfiction! :D
Prolly shouldn't be, I mean, it was Hermione's trial, but it was so intense and AMAZING!

You really caught the emotion and such in this picture. I love it! :love:
Shadowsonthemoon1's avatar
I love how Harry's glasses glinted sorry if tht sounds weird but its perfect 4 the scene
Reyrocksall's avatar
What? No Ace Wright reference?
Bunny-Link's avatar
Aww Hermione looks so cute in this
HalfBloodDragon's avatar
Very dramatic layout! Awesome! (I loved this scene so much!) :)
MizukiYumeko's avatar
Uaahhh!!! :3 Excitement!! :3 I think the fact that this is in grayscale kinda helps the mood, actually. :la:
RiotChryssanyaJames's avatar
Wow, this is intense. I was holding my breath, lol. I'll be sure too look into this fanfic. Thanks for sharing :D
Pizzas125's avatar
God, I love his eye in panel 7. It's perfect. And his slight smirk in panel 9 is simply epic. I love your work, you always bring perfect visual life to the words.
TamH70's avatar
Brilliant. Welcome back.
Fireymoonlight's avatar
OH MY GAWD you're back! You're back! I really cannot express how excited I am!

The MOR Harry Potter could totally pull off the Ace Attorney tactics without looking too much like a fool and you totally captured that here! I can't wait until you've polished this up!
Izabella-black's avatar
wow i love this thanks for sharing i can;t wait for more thanks again
InkedDusk's avatar
Amazing. Bravo.
Ergoemos's avatar
This is wonderfully done. It positively oozes "Phoenix Wright". Great job!
oneortheother's avatar
SO MUCH WIN. Glad to see you're back!
GodOfUrging's avatar
My favorite scene from the chapter, very well done.
TheOneButcher's avatar
Harry looks physically too old in Panel 5. Other than that really good.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Ooops ^^; I still need more practice
EliezerYudkowsky's avatar
You're creating fan art for HPMOR again!
(Embarassingly undignified *squeeee* sound.)
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Yes! It's been a long time \(>v<)/ Thank you for commenting, Sir Less Wrong
TheOneButcher's avatar
Your creating HPMOR again!
(Entirely dignified *squeeee* sound.)
pmo1413's avatar
that chapter just had a lot of bad ass moments for harry. i love the moment of silence there at the end of the comic. are you going to do the whole scene?
dinosaurusgede's avatar
hmmmmmm.... I'll try ^^
V2Blast's avatar
I hope you do. Your artwork is fantastic, and this is a scene definitely worth illustrating in full.
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