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THIS was your father's rock 2

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Another version of 'this is your father's rock' fanart which was edited to leave Harry without conversation bubble as requested by Less Wrong.

The picture is more clear than the first version coz my friend 'Petugas Warnet' edited it.

Fanart dedicated to a wonderful Harry Potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]
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I laughed so hard with this quote xDD amazing illustration of it, great job!

PD: love the mushroom hat, I just couldn't imagine it when reading xD
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I'm starting to think you really like that fanfic.

I'll have to read it (eaven if I have to use google translator since I'm Spanish and my english tend to fail) just to read this part and the one of the chicken 
kavtoM's avatar
Is that a mushroom on his head? :D
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...Now carry it wherever you go for the rest of your life. :icondumbledoreplz:
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Just thought of a possible explanation. The canon magic that protects Harry from Voldie is dependent upon him returning home. Perhaps... by carrying a chunk of his home with him, Dumbledore hopes that the charm will be extended. Or some environmental factor of the place was partly responsible for repelling the Killing Curse.

Either way (D's thinking goes), better a faint hope than none at all.
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Nah, because it is later revealed that Voldemort actually DIDN'T use the Killing Curse at all, in this continuity. Everyone just assumed he did, because "that's what Voldemort does".
HopelssRomanticGhost's avatar
Its a rock...

I feel an ooold bugs life line coming up! XD
net-and-tinsel-gown's avatar
and here begins the process of my faving your entire HP&tMoR gallery. Dumbledore's mushroom hat is just the icing on the cake for this picture.

I wanna be a StarKid Actress!
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I laughed out loud.
Sonaix's avatar
Hahaha that's wonderful. This makes me very very happy.
seeun0709's avatar
Still want the hat.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
thanks XD OMG, the hat!!
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Beautiful rendition of one of my favourite parts! :D
Although, after he said that, for some strange reason I was expecting Harry to say: 'I'll treasure it always."
...It's the only thing I thought you COULD say in those circumstances.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Lol, I guess Harry is too shocked to give a reply like that to Dumbledore ^^
Phebe-Moreaux's avatar
Can't say I blame him - especially with the mushroom hat... :D
blackbreeze13's avatar
This was hilarious. I spent 5 minutes laughing hysterically at Dumbledore's outfit!
dinosaurusgede's avatar
thx blackbreeze13 ^^ wow, glad to hear this picture make u laugh
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Oh goodness, this may be the most amusing HP fanart (particularly of a fanfiction) I have ever come across. You (and Dumbledore's squashed mushroom hat) just made my day.
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Thank you TheToshiCreature, Dumbly's frilly-pink-pajama robes design came from the fanfiction it self. :D I'm glad you like them so far
TheToshiCreature's avatar
I forgot that the pink pyjama robes were original! I just remembered that ridiculous hat. I have to admit that I had imagined the rock as a bit more boring and round, but yours is funnier. :D
dinosaurusgede's avatar
hahaha, thank you TheToshiCreature. ^^
Dumbly had the rock sharp & edgy just to annoy Harry, I think.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
'This... was your father's sock'

Ahahaha, why, that is so true, MasterManthe! ^^
and thanh you for your compliment.
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