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Sweet moment

Chapter 36 or fanfiction Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong. [link]

Hermione try to calm Harry who is angry at Hermione's parents for not seeing her true potentials.

My favorite chapter (^^) This how I interpreted the whole scene when they were in the basement.
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"I'm afraid, Miss Granger," the boy said gravely, "that you and I have been exiled to the labyrinthine recesses of the basement. Let us leave them to their adult conversations, which would no doubt soar far above our own childish intellects, and resume our ongoing discussion of the implications of Humean projectivism for Transfiguration."
Is this an alternate universe? Where Harry's parents survived? Or do I have to read it?
No, rather, Aunt Petunia married an Oxford professor in biochemistry, rather than that waste of space Vernon. Leading to Harry being raised in a household that encourages rational thought and scientific enquiry. Plus, Harry himself is kind of a genius. Which is why the fic is called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. And I recommend you read it anyway, because I believe it is one of the greatest HP fics - and stories in general- that has been written.
I did read it. It's pretty cool. It's in my favorites.
Wow, that is really beautiful.
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*after catching up on the fic* The feelz. I has all of them.
and this and other things are why i ship them in this story
Bwaha-bwahahaha! The moment that ends a universe.
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Three seconds later "HEY! NO KISSING" is heard from Harry.
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Absolutely adorable. ^_^ This chapter is one of my favorites. It goes from fall-out-of-your-chair-laughing halarious to mildly shippy adorable and back to halarious at the end. I love how you draw all of the characters. What medium do you use? It looks like ink but I might be mistaken.
Wow! I did not know it was possible to draw them that adorably :O I am in awe of your skills. And now that scene will forever hold a special place in my heart.
Hermione's eyes look a little derped in the last panel.

Also you should totally make a drawing of Mr. And Mrs. Potter and Granger's reactions to the "I said no kissing!" XD
actually since harry lives with his aunt petunia and her non-dursley 'and thereby totally awesome'husband 'Professor Verres'...the potters aren't a part of harry's life.
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Very cute. But no kiss? That would have drove the Harmonians mad XD
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She does kiss him off-screen right after that, causing Harry to scream "I said no kissing!".
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Why no pic of that :)
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Well, it's heard from the next room where their parents are.
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Is Harry the one saying, "No, it's not, my father never puts me down-well, he does, but never like that-"
Who is Harry's father? Harry's parents are dead.
Harrys aunt Petunia Evans did not marry Vernon Dursley in this fanfic. Instead she married a professor. Thus he gets caring and loving stepparents and considers them his "real" parents. Because his stepdad heavily encourages Harry to learn everything he want, Harry becomes a genius scientist. Hilarity ensues when Harry receives his letter to join Hogwars.
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looooove it! Have to read the fanfic.
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