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Rescuing Belatrix from Azkaban

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Chapter 53 of fanfiction Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong.

Harry possing to be Voldemort to convince Bellatrix he is The Dark Lord inside/taking over Harry Potter's body. Voldemort himself is in snake animagus form.
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what makes this worse is you forget most of the time that this all takes place in his FIRST YEAR.
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WHOAH!!!! So cool! I just love Harry's expression!! It's so cool!!!!
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Where can I read the fic?
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Google it. It's easy to find.
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No, the snake is Quirrell.
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Yes, Quirrell. Who is possessed by...?
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In this story I highly doubt Quirrel is being possessed. Or at least, not by anybody that wants the sorcerers stone or Harry dead.
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Well, maybe. I never managed to get far enough into the story to know for sure. I got bored and quit.
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Heeheehee...I'm going to skip ahead to chapter 53 nao.
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...oh, spoiler, I haven't gotten that far but I sure hope to see it!!!
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I loved that chapter.
But are you sure that Bella had a bed ?
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I love the brief but strong resemblance to Voldemort he has here.
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You might want to note that that's Quirrel, not explicitly Voldemort.
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actually, the author did explicitly say Voldemort is Quirrell. Try checking out tvtropes for further info.
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What?! Voldemort is Quirrel? Spoiler alert...
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The author expected the readers to know that by now...
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Okay. It's just that (at least up to that point) Quirrell had not been explicitly revealed to be Voldemort. Harry knew him as Quirrell, the audience probably could have gone either way. And in the books, at least, Quirrell himself was not Voldemort; rather, he served as a sort of host body. So there's some ambiguity.
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See this link? I'm not even going to read it.
Unless it explicitly happens in the story, in my book, it's up for interpretation. Until someone finds out that Quirrel "is" Moldywart in the story, with no ambiguity to it, it goes down as "possible, but insufficient evidence".
Until that happens, all theories, including the author's, are speculation, at best.
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It's from the... writer itself...
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Okay. Got it. (Hadn't read those notes yet.)
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